Friday, May 7, 2010


My lovely notes!
If I burn it and drink it......
Can it help me to memorize all of it?

Finally, tomorrow is the day.........EXAM!!! I'm sure everyone was now studying very hard until the very last minutes! And here, I wish all of you, all the best! Good luck!

We've pass through those circumstances every semester. Assignments and exams! And so, even how hard we're yelling to during those days....... Feel like wanna burn all those assignments when we're doing it..... Headache-ing to memorise those notes for the exam....... And yet, we still can manage to pass it. 'No Pain, No Gain'! And I believe that for this semester, we also can do it.

One more semester for me to go. Then that's it. My Diploma life will end. Time flies really fast. 2.5 years has gone just like that. Phewwww~ It's not easy to pass through those days. And now, I have to prepared my life to another stage, which is Degree life.

I know, Degree will be much tougher than Diploma. We will really have to work hard in Degree life. But once we get good results, we will not regret for it! Hmmm...... Okay, gotta stop blogging, first paper tomorrow, HRM. Gotta continue revision!

Going back to old house later, will not online. Will update when I have my internet back! :)

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