Sunday, November 7, 2010

My "Best Friend"

I've found my "Best Friend" today. I have to or MUST visit him/her a few times a day. When I met my "best friend", the feeling was like WOW, awesome. But yet, I dislike those feeling.

This was my second time my "best friend" came to visit me (Tried this few weeks ago...) I know YOU miss me so much, but can YOU please stay far far away from me? And be frank to YOU, seriously, I don't miss YOU at all. -.-

Guess you guys were wondering. WHAT...? WHY...? HUH...? Many question mark in your mind right? Wanna me to tell you who is my "Best Friend"? Can guess it? Give up? 

Tadaa, let me reveal the answer. It was.........................

I'm NOT enjoying it like this face. -.-

Yea, my best friend was TOILET. Having DIARRHEA again!!! Second times... T.T~ Went to toilet non-stop! I guess I ate the wrong food or unclean food? Hmmmm... >.<"~

In addition, drank TEH in the afternoon and I guess it worsen my Diarrhea? >.<"~ And I ate Tiramisu cake as my dinner because I got no appetite to eat proper meal. I guess I might Insomia tonight. Oh no! T.T~

P/S: Pray for me so that I would recover faster. God bless. x]

Dear "Best Friend"...
Please go far far away from me...
I don't miss YOU at all...


zacky ~786~ said...

siott.~ hahaa..
why..why..why.. :P

teratai said...

Hopefully u will get well soon, don't buy food. not good especially in the humid weather like now (raining)~take good care...wokey!