Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pressure are hitting me!

Been busy recently. Reason? Yes, ASSIGNMENTS! Arghhhhhh!! Not much, 2 only. But yet, I'm almost get killed by it soon. You've never see me again I guess. LOL. -.- *Touch wood*

 I HATE ASSIGNMENTS! Well, I guess no one in this world will like it. Seriously struggling with it now. 1 was group work and another one was personal work. 

Group work- Corporate Finance assignment almost KO soon. Lecturer don't wanna teach us how to do it. He said he don't wanna teach us because he want us to do it WRONGLY. WTH? Very funny, right? -.- 

Well, I understand why he do so. But...........Since it was a 100% coursework based, and it was really hard for us to do it. Can't he just guide us a little bit more on how to do it? He did guide us on what to do, but just 30% of it only. The other 70% was like totally BLANK at all.

Sigh. We're not asking for answer, we just want to know what should we supposed to do.
Personal work- Sales Management assignment, Halfway done, but I don't know whether am I on the right track. Worried now. Everything seems to be so BLUR. Correct? Wrong? I don't know... :(

Insomia nowadays. Those pressure is back to me, AGAIN. Everytime when assignments arrived and exams are just around the corner, I'll sure suffer from insomia. Suffering. I'm tired. I really need to take more rest. Take care everyone. 

I'm dead soon... ><"~

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Yin's said...

haiz... mine also the same.. i dunno how to do at all!!!
sumore need to do use in text ref!!
really killng me!!!