Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grant me courage

Currently I just feel so lazy. Don't feel like motivated to do anything. What also I don't feel like doing... I just hope I can have a LONG LONG holiday. Unfortunately, it was just a DREAM. It's time to wake up... Reality is always cruel. Sigh... T_T~

By the way, can see that my mood is now becoming better and better. Yes, it really do. It has been a terribly mood I had since last few month. And now, I'm in the recovery stage. Around 70% I guess?

It's middle of August. Assignments are now coming to find me SOON. My confident level are very low. I just got no confident at all that I can do well in this semester. Seriously, I don't feel it at all. Well, perhaps, I doesn't do well before. =(

I always told myself, if I think I can, I can! A simple sentence but does it really work well on me, it's all depends on me. Even how much effort I put into it, I still don't get what I want. Or perhaps, is it my requirements set too high? Or it was my own problem? =(

Sometimes, I don't even understand myself. I don't know what I want. I don't know what to do. I seem to be LOST somewhere else now. I always told myself, nothing gonna beat me down. Even how hard the problem was, at last I still can fixed it.

P/S: I hope this time was not exceptional too. I do hope I can do it as well.

Dear lord, do lead me the way YOU do want me to do so. And I will always follow YOUR steps. Amen.

 Dear lord, please grant me courage.
Please lead me the way and I will always follow your way.

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