Saturday, August 6, 2011

Joke of the day..

1) Go GOOGLE to translate this..
2) Translate this to Malay..
3) You're done and enjoy your day! =D

Version 1:
Do not snatch philippines money
the people of bangladesh are angry
pakistani people hate national row

Version 2:
The pakistani people live poor life
But ministers of bangladesh national row
day and night cheat philippines people
so now singapore, chinese and india angry!!

Sometimes a simple joke can just brighten up my day. Life is easy and happy if you appreciate a single tiny things just like this. Live as simple as you can. Always enjoy it before it's too late. Like my blog title said: Living Life To The Fullest. Cheers people! =D

Sunday is coming, another week gone.
Time passes like wind without waiting us.
Don't ever missed anytime of it~

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