Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You deserve my respect?

Early morning went to meet supervisor. Yeah, done with my Chapter 1 and 2. Today, supposed to discussed Chapter 3, but due to my supervisor forget to bring those Chapter 3 notes for me, and so, after my afternoon class end, I need to meet him again.

Oh ya. Class end early as usual. Around 2:30pm end. And like what I said, I need to meet my supervisor again  to collect my Chapter 3 notes. And so, I text him:

"Sir, my class end already. Can I go find you now?"

And yeah, he didn't even reply my message. I waited him for around 45 minutes. Call no reply. Text no reply. Nevermind, this wasn't the point though. I knew supervisor is always CORRECT! As a student, I know I got no right to say I've waited for long time. What I can do it just to WAIT with silence.


When he saw me, he said, DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY NEXT TIME?!

I was like WTH?!?!!? What I did? I just text you and ask whether can I meet you now. That's all. WHAT MISTAKE I DID???!! Did my message offense you Sir? Just a simple text, and I'm just barely asking. It wasn't my fault as well as you're the one who forget to bring me the notes earlier. Scold me for what? @%#$^&(@#$$3!@#/.......

And yeah, this wasn't the worst part. The worst part was after he gave me the Chapter 3 thingy, he DIDN'T EVEN EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO ME!! Sir, do you think I know how to do it? If I knew, I will never stand there and waited you for almost 1 hour. You say I make you angry, but I think you're the one who make me mad... Scolding me without any reason!

I did text Sir again on what and how should I do it later. Instead, I did apologize to him ALTHOUGH I DON'T FEEL THAT I MADE ANY MISTAKE. But..........................again! He didn't reply my message again. How stupid am I huh? I apologize to the person who make mistake, but NOT me.

And for now, I got no idea on what should I need to do for my Chapter 3. FML. I respect you as my supervisor. But from the way you act, did you deserve my respect? Damn mad now.... Zzzzz...

Do you think it was my fault? What mistake I did?!

P/S: My mood has been terribly bad since last few weeks ago. People, don't try to challenge my patience! I do got my bottom limit! Tolerate doesn't meant you're right. When I tend to keep quiet, it doesn't meant that the truth is on your side. It's because I don't want to start an argument with anyone of you! Pissed off...

You deserve my respect? 
Don't ask others to respect you if you don't even know how to respect others!!

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