Friday, August 2, 2013

1 Utama with The Girls

Thursday, 1-8-2013

Fetched Dino. The NO Bunny failed again this round. HAHAHA.. But seriously, even she wants to drive, I won't allow, cause she got no idea where is 1U. Hmmm, so, can say she is forced to sit my car. lol. @@"~ Then meet Sosopo at 1-Utama. =]

I drove to 1U for the second time in my life. Never-ever I will drive to places which I got no idea how to go. First of all, I'm NOT good at recognize places. Secondly, in car, most of the time I'll ended up sleeping. LOL. But thank god I manage to go and back successfully. HAHAHAHA. =P

Using GPS to lead me the way, thanks partially. Cause most of the time I wasn't using it at all [looking at sign-board or merely depending on my superb memory. lol..] As according to my previous experience of using GPS, which it also stands for "Guna Pun Sesat". HAHAHA. Anyway, I manage to find the exact location. =P

Reached there around 11:30am. On-time! Since we both reached earlier, we went to GSC buy movie ticket, watched SDU [Sex Duties Unit]. Like seriously, I got no idea what this movie is talking about until the last 5 minutes. -.- I wondering why they kept talking about crabs, something about Thai crabs, water crabs or whatever.. Then at last only I get what they meant by "CRABS", blur me. -.-

After done with movie, it's time for lunch. We walk around the whole 1U shopping mall, then ended up eating Sushi Zanmai. Lol. Usual things happened. HAHAHA. 3 of us got no idea what to eat, ended up eating the same food again. Next time have to plan before going out. =P

*No photos taken for lunchhhh* =/

Later on, Sosopo back earlier. Left me and Dino. So, both of us aimlessly walk around and see anything that we both feel interesting. HAHAHA. At the end, we both ended up sitting at Starbucks taking some pictures and chit-chatting. :)

Back around 8:30pm to avoid jam. As usual, turn on the GPS, but again, I just follow the sign board. Ended up reached Sunway area. LOL. Still.... I manage to back home safely, just that I used a longer distance to back. @@"..

Btw, we didn't took group photo! :( So only me and Dino took few random candid shot. HAHAHA. =P

Thank you. :)

She very happy and says: You see!!! You see!!! My hair is BROWN in colour. 

Photoshop: Antique Contrast

My candid shot....... =/

Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba-Banana~XD

Enjoy my day with all of you. :)

Mr Flu and Cough, when only you want to leave me? T^T..
Anyway my voice, is so SEXY now. -.-

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