Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let it go..

I should let it go. Many people worried about me. And sincerely, I wanna say million of thanks. It's really hard for me to forget it. Yes, it's really hard. But yet, I'll do my best to forget about it. I did feel better now. Glad to hear that ya? :)

The previous few posts I've been real moody. Like I said, no reply anything from status, wallposts or inbox. Hmmm, still wondering what's happening now? Hmmm...... Well, it's not important anymore. Everything is cleared now. It happened. I can't changed anything. It's all PAST. I should not kept thinking back about the past. Life stil goes on no matter what. :)

Be frank, if you asked me whether am I happy now? I guess I will say NO/MAYBE at the moment. If you asked me whether am I okay? I'll say okay I supposed. Although it's past. But I really need to take some time for me to forget it. Hmmmm, hard. But I knew I'm not gonna be alone with it.

Yea, I should go ahead with it. I'm NOT alone. From this incident, I knew that many people concerned about me. I got many friends around me kept cheering me up. Although I did not replying all those status and wallposts, but yet, they still came and cheer me up everyday. Even without sending those messages, but yet I still know it. I really knew. Thanksssssssssss!

I have no idea what to do else than saying thanks. Although I did not really mentioning what's really happening, but I guess you guys knew it. Get information from my friends or whoever who's close to me. Hmmm, my news just like CNN report. Spread it out very fast. LOL.

Well, just give me some time. I'll be okay. I promised. Everything just remain the same now. Although I did not get to buy a new one. But yet, I appreciate what I have now. It's more than enough. It's not important to me anymore.

 Went to Mid Valley yesterday.
My smile still not natural yea? 

Although what I have now is not better than last time, but yet.... I treasure~
我现在所拥有的虽然不比以前的好,但..... 我珍惜~

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