Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Soon. 1-Utama Deco..

It's time to update my blog. Well, I know my blog been DEAD like ages. -.- Sorry. Well, exam coming soon. Yea, real soon. Less than 10 more days. UK paper! Hard! But I will do my best!

Since exam is coming soon, and I guess I should relax a bit. Can't always face the book, but FACEBOOK. LOL. Well, seriously, compared with last time, I'm now NOT that nervous. Hmmmm, I duno why though..

I got plenty of things wanna blog, but no time. So, I'll just some briefly update for this post. I'll make this post short. Went to 1-Utama last Tuesday. Bought some stuffs for CNY. Wheeeee~ Christmas haven't pass yet, but I'm now buying stuffs for CNY. Hahahaha!! 

Christmas is coming soon. What's your plan? Going anywhere? Hmmmm, everywhere also full I guess. So, better to stay at home? Hahaha... But........I don't think so, my family usually won't stay at home. Just like I went to 1-Utama almost EVERY week. LOL. Wonderful family I have. x]

Decorations at 1-Utama was really nice. Really got Christmas feel. Took some pictures. Enjoy. :)

At Christmas play, and make good cheer,
For Christmas comes but once a year. ♥

 Christmas feel~

Christmas Decorations.

 Christmas Trees! ♥

 Nice! ♥

 Flowers Christmas Tree! ♥

Presents Christmas Tree! ♥

The view from the top.

 Christmas Presents ♥

 Cuteeeee ♥


 My lovely Mama ♥

 The decoration really nice!


 Old building decoration ♥

Christmas Feel.
How good if it's snowing in Malaysia. 
Hmmmm, impossible. Hahahahaha..

 Present, I want present from YOU ♥

P/S: At first wanna do revision, but now, it seems that I can't concentrate anymore. Been attracted by 万千星辉颁奖典礼2010. ><"~ Don't care, revision later only do, watch first. Hahahaha..xD

Gotta catch up with my revision. Hopefully I can finished it on time. God bless me and all my friends! Gambatae everyone! :)

Exam, exam, exam!!
I'm NOT gonna scare you. Buuuu!! x]


SyahmiFikri said...

waa.. best2 kan 1utama nie... =)

Yin's said...

oh.. i love it so much!!!

Emily said...

WOW must go to 1U one day!