Thursday, December 16, 2010

Please faster END.

It has been quite some times I did not update my blog. Sorry. Having exams recently. Pressure really hitting me. But I guess I've changed a lot compared to my Diploma time? I would not really dare to think what would I do if I was still having the same kind of attitude just like my Diploma level. 

"I might used a stone to hit my head I guess???" LOL. ><"~
By the way, what time now huh? I'm still awake and blogging huh? Hmmmphh! Yea, it was 3:30am in the middle of the midnight or so called 'morning'. Gosh. Having exam in another 12 hours. But I'm suffering from insomia now. Hope I can concentrate on the exam later. T.T~

Anyway, it's gonna END soon. Real soon. Yes, just 12 hours more, then I'll be FREE from exams! No more exams after the Bridging course. Yeahhhh! Merdeka~!! LOL..

But..... The main thing is I have to pass all the papers in Bridging course. Please... Please... Please... I've did my best to prepared it, and I hope I can get what I want. I'm not greedy, at least please give me a PASS. It's more than enough. Please....

God, please bless me and all my friends so that we can make it through this time. Please give me strength to handle this paper. This paper is really tough. I'm worried about it. Please come out those questions which I spot. If not, I'm DEAD. T.T~

Gambatae everyone!
Let's fight for this paper together!
We can do it! Sure we can!

P/S: Got many posts haven't update yet. @@~ Will update it when I'm free. Stay tune. :) 

Dear EXAM, please faster end. You're really killing me. 
Even I didn't drink any caffeine drinks, I still insomia. 

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