Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Penang Trip 2- Dinner at Simpang Ampat

I'm here to update my blog. Sorry for the late again, almost 10 days didn't update it. ><"~ Haizz, blame the internet! Cant online for few days. Finally, after complaint it, problem solved. Thank god~~

This was one of my favourite shot! Yeehaa! 
It make me feel relaxing. Love it! =)
More to come... Read more! ^^

Busy week passed. Everything seems to be completed now. In the moment of relaxing now~ Semester 2 gonna start in July, which mean I'm so gonna have 1 month++ holidays. Yeah! Hooray everyone. Holidays... Holidays... Here I come now. Gonna enjoy you to the maximum no matter how! =P

Let me post about my Penang Trip 2- Dinner at Simpang Ampat. Forget all those sadness yea. Come, come. Picture time. =)

The lake.

The Boat.

 Zoom Mode. 

The shot which I really love a lot! =)

The water seems to be dirty. Ehem..

Sun reflection. =)

Water reflection. =)

Water waves..

Lonely Bird. =]


Chuk Tan. *I don't know what it called in English* -.-

 Taofu and Crabmeat. Yummy~
But way a bit too expensive. RM45. ><"~

 Crab! Our all time favourite! =)

 Man Tao

 Eat eat eat!!

 Mr Lee eating~


 Love the sky!! =)



 Can you see the cloud reflection on the water? =)

 Orange orange~ I love sunset!

 The sky is just fantastic!

My Papa and Mama~

 My family.

 The sun is going to sleep soon. =]

Finished!! Yummy~

Outside the restaurant

Prawn Village

Today is a tired day.
Hopefully everything will ended fast..


ninnin♥ said...

YEah! I have been there b4!Haha~~

I love the Purple sky !! really nice shoottt!!=D

Keep it up!;)

Chloe said...


May I know what camera are you using? The images look great!