Sunday, May 8, 2011

Penang Trip 1- Penang Botanic Garden

Hey people! I'm here to update! My blog seems to be so DEAD nowadays. -.-

It's May 2011 now. Wow! Mostly half of the year gone! My life been just so far so good. Assignments gonna finished soon, I mean just for the first semester only. -.- Another semester to go! 5/6 assignments gonna see me soon. Gosh. Wondering will I still be alive that time? LOL.

Oh yea, about my Penang Trip. [3.5.2011-6.5.2011]... I guess I enjoyed so much in this trip! It really makes all those moody mood gone. Even though it was really a tiring trip, but yet I'm still happy and enjoy in my trip! Feel relaxing. I just feel like I'm in another world. With no worries, seeing new things, living in a new environment and meet different people! Feels good though. x)

I guess most of you don't feel like reading what I wrote ya? More interested on looking on those pictures ya? Hahahaha! Sure then. I took plenty of pictures! Kekee... As usual la. =P

By the way, I will divide my Penang trip into few posts. Firstly it's because there are just way too much of photos. Secondly it's because of the blogger uploader got some problem when uploading photos. I don't know why it keep hang. And I have to upload those photos all over again! Annoying. -.-

Whatever~ Come, less talk and let's the pictures do the talking! Enjoy people! =)

This was the first day. The photos in this post will be more towards the green, scenery and trees. Good for eyes ya. =P

The Duck Mee in Bidor.
Our breakfast and brunch on that day. =)

Those warriors commentary.

And the pink flower. ^^

Not bad yea? =)

It looks so haunted to me. LOL.

The flower. =D

 Can you see the water on top of the leaf? 
Love it! =)

The statue.

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So~

Small to big.. Hehehe...XD

The rest place.
Mosquito banyak. -.-

Auntie and my family! =)

Happy Family~ =D

Rest place. Another view.

Green. Green. Green.
Everything is GREEN.

My trademark smile. Hahaahhaha~

My auntie. Hehe ^^

The trees around the road.

The lake. ^^

Those old old trees.

 You barely can see this type of tree in KL. ><"~

The view. =)

 Love the environment!


Relaxing~~~ ^^

Gonna end my post here. Today is Mother's Day. Gonna go out soon and give my mum a small surprise. Kekeke.. Last but not least, I wish all mother always happy and stay healthy. The most important, stay young ya. Hahahaa! =)
Mummy, I love you for not only because today is Mother's Day. But yet, everyday. I apologize for what I've done which may hurt you. I am very sorry that I have always disobeyed your words. Even how naughty am I, you still care, love and stay with me. Your love is just can't be described. Sorry for everything that I've done to you and thank you for everything that you've gave me. Mama, I LOVE YOU! ♥
Mama, I love you.
Now and forever...


ninnin♥ said...

Wow!! This kind of environment can relaxing us!very nice pic ya!!;)

Vanzy Lee said...

ninnin♥. Yea, the environment really relaxing. Green green and fresh air. Good for our eyes also. Hahaha.. =)