Monday, May 9, 2011

Celebrate Mama's Birthday and Mother's Day at Victoria Station

Today is my Mummy birthday. Before start writing about it, let me wish her first.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA~ Wish you always happy and stay healthy. Hope you get the small surprise that we gave yesterday. Be happy always. We love you always, now and forever! ♥..."

Celebrate mummy's birthday and Mother's Day yesterday at Victoria Station yesterday. We gave her a small surprise. In the morning, my brother and I went to Sunway Damansara- Orange Zone Bakery there to bought her a surprise Black Forest Mousse cake. Caused mummy loves to eat this cake shop those cakes so much. ^^ Although it was far away from my house, but yet, as long as mama loves it, we are willing to do so.

My auntie do joined along and we reached Victoria Station around 6:30pm. The environment there was quite nice and comfortable.Took not really many photos though. Anyway, enjoy. =)

The Victoria train..^^

Victoria Station

The environment inside the restaurant. =)

The decoration.

The Menu

 They serve us with bread first. =)

It was Mother's Day Menu.
I ♥ U = IBU. 

My sister..

With the I U. 

Beef Charbroil Steak.

Sister's Talk..

 My sister order Fish and Prawn..
(Sorry, forgotten the exact name -.-)
RM 37.90

 My auntie and mum order Fish and Chip.
RM22.90 per set.

 My bro and I ordered this!
Sirloin Steak! Nice! Yummy~
The price also very nice. RM52.90 per set.
LOL. =]

My eldest auntie and mummy. =)

This was the surprise cake that we bought for mummy. Hehehe...
Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday Mummy.
The Sisters~

My siblings.
Mama, We ♥ You! =)

Black Forest Mousse Cake. ^^
Too bad, can't light up the candle because the air-cond was too strong. T.T
What a waste. =(

Yummy. Hope you like it, Mama~

From my eldest auntie. LOL.

Can't finished up the cake, request the box and give some to my auntie. =)

The Telephone.
Lady Gaga? LOL.. =]

Nearer shot.


Took this at night before going back. =)

Outside the restaurant.

The colour so nice!
Simply shot this while on the way back home.
Too bad, the pink and green trees were blur. =(

The food at Victoria Station was not bad. The quality was there, taste good but yet the price was just way too expensive. We ordered 5 sets and with sky juice costs us about RM220. ><"~

Anyway, I do enjoy the moment celebrate it with mummy and my family. But I just don't feel I really enjoy to the max because of THAT. Ughhhh. Whatever. x_____X!!

Mama, thank you for being a good mama from the day we born till now.
You care us, love us, 24 hours be with us and protect us from enemies.
Your love is just can't be explained.
We ♥ you not only now, but yet forever.


►AdamXis◄ said...

Hye Vanzy, hepi mother's day for your mom...the restaurant look so nice...your mom must be very happy...

Vanzy Lee said...


Hye AdamXis. Nice to meet you and Happy Mother's Day to your mum's too ya. Yup, the environment look nice and relaxing. Hehe =)

LuN@_aiDi said...

Hii vanzy^^

hepi birthday for ur mommy yea^^

cake n all the dishes look very delicious.. yummy..yummy!!

schaze zainn said...

wow :)
the restaurant so nice!

btw nice to read your blog :)
have agood day