Monday, May 23, 2011

80th Blessed Birthday

This was last week post. 15/05/2011.

Happy 80th Blessed Birthday.
Wish you always happy and stay healthy. =)

On that Sunday, I attended 2 birthday celebration. Wow! Out from morning till night. It was just a fantastic day where I do enjoy from morning till night. Woke up early in the morning, but then we go out almost around noon time. Mummy's fault.. Woke us up so early.. T^T.. My sleeping time gone.. ><"~

Celebrating my mum's side relatives 80th Big Birthday in the afternoon. And then, rushed back home to celebrate Tracy birthday celebration at night. I do enjoy my day. Frankly, morning one a bit boring la~ ._. It was mostly all adults or so called elderly people.. Even there are few youngsters around, but we don't know each other. Even if I met them face to face, I think I will just treat them as strangers. Hmmmm....

The 80th birthday was not held at those restaurant. It held at their house. It was simple, but yet, a memorable moment all of us had! Yea, everyone... Pictures time! =)

We're not having those expensive food. 
We had KFC, Pizza Hut and those normal local food.
It was simple, but yet, we do satisfied. ^^

Red egg~

 The antique swing.
The swing where we sit when we're small. 
Now can't fit in anymore. =]

Happy Blessed 80th Birthday

Green-Tea cake.

Lightning up the candles~~

My eldest auntie~

Closer view of the cake~

Yea, finished~
Sing Birthday song time.. ^^

Too nervous?
Too happy? 
Forget to blow candles before cutting cake. x]

Blowing cake~

Cutting cake..



 Zoom mode~


 Look like Mango?
Pineapple? =]

Family Photo..

The one and only photo which got me~ =]

As close as sisters

Mom and Daughters.
She was 88th years old. Wow!
She looks so different compared with last time.
So thin now. =(

 Mummy, auntie, brother, sisters and relatives~

Today was a tired day. Play badminton for 2 hours with family members today. And it was fun! I released a lot of stress. Slept quite late yesterday and woke up early in this morning. I'm really sleepy now. It's time to sleep! Night~~

Wishing you always happy.
Stay healthy as always and god bless. =)

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