Friday, July 29, 2011

Appreciate PROBLEM

Whenever I am going to give up, hope is always beside me.

Is this a sign to tell me that I shouldn't give up?

People always used to say, give up means cowardice.

But, sometimes giving up means that I got the courage to face it.

Which one is better?

It seems that there is no U-turn once I've choose it.

I don't know what should I do.

Because I know once I make a wrong move, which mean THE END.

It just like a round-about. It's a circle where I can go any direction I want.

But the problem is I didn't have an exact direction on where should I go.

What I can do is to just keep on going until I find the way I should go.

Life is always not easy.

When problem keep arising, it means that we're growing up.

But, do learn on how to appreciate problem.

Because problem give us chance to learn from the mistakes.

It tends to teach us a lot of things which we can't learn from anywhere.

We experienced it, we learned from it.


Relaxing myself...

Problem is our friend.
It always give us guiding without telling us.
Thank you....

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