Friday, August 23, 2013

Always believe in yourself even when others don't

Not to be forgotten, always have faith in Him too. :)

Oh yea, 2 more days before new semester starts. And I'm not excited to start class at all, except meeting up all my friends. Phobia of studying now, like seriously. Lol. =/

Btw, results were out just now. I wasn't excited to know my results at all as I knew my results surely KO this round. I AM VERY SURE. I expect nothing cause my coursework marks screw to the max and I think I'm not hardworking enough. So yea... =/

Few weeks back when my auntie came and asked about my studies. *Fyi, my auntie is my 2nd mum, lol.* Most of the time I was scared of her, but of course I know, this is the way she cares me. :)

Auntie: How was studies? Is everything okay? Blahh blahh...
Me: Err, not so good.
Auntie: Why? Subject very tough?
Me: Err, yea. Some subjects I'm struggling since the first class. I score badly on my coursework. Don't even know how am I going to survive for finals...
Auntie: It's fine, just do your best and pass all papers.

Hmmm, so, my results........ SO-SO this round. I don't know whether should I be happy or sad now. On the happy side, I pass all the subjects; on the sad side, I didn't did well this round. But still, I'm thankful cause I manage to PASS all subjects. At least no RESIT. *touch wood* Thank god for this. Phewww. =/

Those paper which I cannot understand a single thing yet I score higher than those papers which I think it's easier. -.- LOL. What a joke. The only paper I think I can score, yet, I skip the most important chapter, which consist of 40 marks. FML. The most funny thing is the worst coursework mark ever I got, I score the highest in my exams. But then, coursework marks pull me down a grade. Ughh. Whatever.

Still, I need to thanks those who help me out when I met difficulties. Thanks for the guidance. Without them, I don't think I can survive. Lol. Million thanks. Not to be forgotten, God who always stay with me and listen to my prayer. Without Him, I am nothing. :)

Having a mixed feeling now and yet I'm cheering others up. Lol. I got no idea what am I thinking. Hmm, just hope that next semester will be a better one and won't be hectic like this semester. God bless.

P/S: Went for another holiday trip with family last week. Still organizing all those pictures. Lol. Very lazy and unproductive. Will post some photos up hopefully before new semester start. =]

Told myself, it's okay. 
Don't get disappointed and demotivated. 
Tomorrow will be better. :)

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minniechang said...

YAY. here to work hard and start overcoming new challenges :D