Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shopaholic Girls!

Someone says I MIA again.
I say "Come stalk me then." =P
Reply I get is..... "You're NOT available to stalk also."

Muahahaha.. Anyway, so yea, I'm here to update. *Wheeee~* =P

Holidays been so far so GOOD. Enjoy-Happy-Satisfied. Been here and there. Spent most of my time with families and friends. Heh! :) Less than 2 more weeks new semester gonna start. And results might be out next week I guess? *prayhard* =/

So, this was last week schedule. Before heading to PD- family trip, I went out with both of them AGAIN. Muahahaa. They appear quite often in my blog, no need I introduce them. =P

Friday, 9-08-2013
Went to 1 Utama, from morning till night. What to do? Yes, they shopping for 8 HOURS! -.- Me? Teman-ing them walk here and there. Lol. Faster THANKS me! Hahaha. Lazy to write long posts, so, I'll post pictures. :)

I didn't take much photos, only few with my camera. *Guess that day not in the mood to take pic? Lol.* =/

Pictures edited using my phone software- Fotorus. As I'm too lazy to upload all pictures here, so I'll combined pictures together and take out most of the SS-shots by both of them. They seems to fall in love with my phone a lot. -.- So, sometimes, I don't let them take my phone when they're in the fitting room. HAHAHAHA. Clever me. =P

Inside the car. :)


HAHAHAHA. Lover eating Subway.
Not taken by me, welcome to kill piggie. =P

Took their photo.
This is what I do when they are busy-ing make-up-ing.
LOL. =]

Left pic: Natural.
Right pic: I look so retarded. LOOOL. =/

Very busy choosing clothes!! =] 

Inside the fitting room.
They trying out all those outfits.
Me? Taking random photos. HAHAHAHA. =]

At The Tang's. :)

Btw, went Vietnam Kitchen as our lunch. Non-halal. Food not bad and reasonable price. *Taken using my camera* :)

P/S: With them, I always get the opportunity to take photos first before we start eating. HAHAHAHA. They allowed me to take photos until I satisfied. Muahahaha!! XD

Vietnamese Tea
RM4.50 per pax

Grilled Lemongrass Pork Chop Set
RM 16.90

Special Beef Noodle Soup

Pork Ball Noodle Soup

P/S: Yayy! Bro gonna finished exams tomorrow. Wheeee~~ =P *All the best :)*


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