Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SHELL Select Doraemon & Friends 3D Puzzle

Yayy!! Finally, I've completed my set of collection for SHELL Select Doraemon & Friends 3D Puzzle. :)

Special thanks to my mum! She purposely bought 16 bottles of 100plus to get me this! Thank youuu. I got the BEST mum in the world. Feeling really blessed. ♥ And.....Not to be forgotten, my lovely bro, who helped me to fixed all of them even though he's busy with his finals. Hehee. Thank youu.  :)

My mum also join us to fixed those character together! HAHAHA. =P

Promotion Items: 2 bottles for RM3.50 (can buy 1 character)
-20 Bottles-

Remember I said my mum bought 16 bottles? How come there's 20 bottles? So yea, here's the reason... Reason: Bought 8 characters the first day. Manage to get 7 different characters *HAHAHA, lucky me =P* but I got duplicate character. ><.. So, the next day, go buy another 2 more characters. LOL. But still, can't get the character I want. =/

Got extra Suneo, Nobita and Dorami but I want Doraemon desperately. Here, I wanna thanks those who help me to asked around. Some even told me they'll buy for me if they saw. Awww. Thanks. ♥ :) Luckily, I manage to exchange my duplicate character with Doraemon fans. HAHAHAHA. So, we both exchange it. So yea, my collection is DONE. Woohoo~ =P

So, the questions you might want to ask are; How and where to get this? Can you choose those characters that you want? How much for one of it? Does it has any Terms and Conditions? No worries. Let me clarify all your thoughts! Heh! =P

  • Go to SELECTED Shell Petrol Station to look for it as not all places are available.
  • You need to purchase a minimum of RM6 worth of Shell Select Products or any promotion items to buy 1 character. *RM8.90 for 1 character* :)
  • All characters are sealed in box. You CANNOT choose or either see what's inside the box. So, basically, it depends on your luck. It's something like lucky draw. So, some/most people actually get duplicate characters.
For more details information, please CLICK HERE! :)

Limited edition Doraemon Display, which functions as a speaker set- RM49.

If you didn't buy the Display base, it's fine. There's a "stand" inside the box. It looks like this without the display base. :)

1st row from the left to right: Doraemon, Jaiko, Genzo Doraemon, Gian
2nd row from the left to right: Nobita, Suneo, Shizuka, Dorami 


1 Big Happy Family. :)

P/S: To take these photos, I purposely take it under the super duper HOT sun so that the picture are bright enough..........till I forgotten to eat my brunch. LOL. HAHAHAHA. Today whole day eat porridge~ My flu is better, but my cough.......... Uh-huh. =/

Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends.
Enjoy your day with your friends and family. :)


木子 said...

felt warm after read your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder where can exchange with ppl if got duplicate character

Jian Hua said...

Hi, I have extra Nobita, want to exchange Suneo with u, possible?

Keng said...

Hi Vanzy

Do you still have any extra of Doraemon, Nobita and Genzo Doraemon. I got extra Dorami and Jaiko.


Anonymous said...

I got full set with house selling off due to got extra unit. Interested kindly SMS me 010-3884622

Anonymous said...

Hi Please go facebook and type "SHELL Select Doraemon & Friends 3D Puzzle EXCHANGE [DORA.EX]" for exchange

Wong Fun said...

Anyone got extra Doraemon or nobita? Can exchange? And I got extra Dorami, Shisuka

KT said...

any 1 can sell me your extra Suneo , Shisuka, and Dorami? i just owe this 3 to complete my collection.

Anonymous said...

if you want to exchange, check out the page below, is a cafe with all the doraemon collections.

Queenie said...

Any one got extra Dorami? Can sell me? I am from Klang,please email me

Sophie Then said...

Who hv extra doraemon house?I need one...tq

Amir Sabri said...

hi wong fun. i have extra nobita. want to exchange with shizuka. still available or not?

Anonymous said...

I have nobita, suneo & Shizuka. Want to exchange for dorami & doraemon. Pls email me at

Anonymous said...

Anyone have extra doraemon n dorami n house?? If u willing to sell pls watsapp me or sms me at 0127869282.. I left tis 2 to complete my collection!