Monday, August 5, 2013

Random day with THEM

Saturday, 3-8-2013

Lover stay overnight at my house cause I'm fetching her to some places at Sg Long the next day to take some random photos for her assignment project. Zzzz.. Anyway, this round need to thanks to my lovely GPS. HAHAHAHA. Cause we both got no idea where is the exact location, just know is somewhere around UTAR. Who knows, it's not at all. -.-

So, wondering around that area for awhile. Of course, lastly, we found it. =P

 Yayy! We found the location..XD
Taken with my phone Panorama mode. :)

And................This girl!!!!! I think she's over-stress with her studies or too excited because whole day long with me. She kept using my phone and NON-STOP taking photos. LOL. -.- Of course, I won't upload all of it. HAHAHA. And so, this is what we do while having the superb traffic at Mahkota area, as usual. Ehem.. We took photos. Muahahaha. =P

Btw, she kept saying my phone photo quality is good. XD

Just ignore me. XD

HAHAHA, this is what we do while waiting for the jam. XD
Don't waste our precious time. =P

At night, went out with both of them. HAHAHA. A very random decision. We went to Moon House Dessert 满屋甜品 at Kuchai Lama, first time for me. Dessert not bad, have a lot of different varieties with reasonable price as well. :)

Btw, late fetch piggie. Paisehh, I was busying playing game that time. HAHAHA. =P

Again, my phone........Bombard by them. -.-

Mix Any 3 Tohua~ Hot
三种配料豆花~ 热

姜汤芝麻汤圆 (五粒)
Ginger Soup with Sesame Rice Balls (5 Pieces)

P/S: Piggie ordered HOT dessert for me cause I'm sick. =P

Japanese Combo
RM 6.50

炸薯条 French Fries

Whole face not nice, half face look more pretty.

Finding for Pearl cause that's the only thing I eat. 

Ehem.. Non-stop.. =/

Both of them........AGAIN. -.-
This is just 5% of it. LOL.


I totally ignore. Muahahaha...XD

My holidays left 3 more weeks only. 
Ughhh. I don't feel like wanna start class.
And results.... No eyes see. =/

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