Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blissful birthday celebration with Uni mates. :)

Sorry for the super late post this round. Was very busy going here and there. ><".. And for now, finally I can have some time for me to blog this! Just back from Perak with family, tired like mad... Offered myself to accompany my mom to Pasar Pagi. Well, I know I'm a good daughter. Ehem? HAHAHA. =P

So, woke up at 6am, then become the driver as usual. Lol. Then mom buying this and that, become her bodyguard also and help her to take all the things and blahh... Then back home, shower and get myself into the car and SLEEP. BAHAHAHA! This means that I sleep all the way from KL to Perak, and from Perak back to KL. Amazinggg. =]

Anyway, back to topic. :)

Thanks for everything you guys prepared. The cake, birthday card, presents and heartful "surprises". Although the plan was quite......visible. HAHAHA. Still, I'm glad and happy to spent my day with all of you. Thanks for all the things you guys planned. I'm truly grateful to know all of you as my friends. Most importantly, I'm so so so happy not only for those surprises, and also the quality time we spent together. This was the first birthday celebration with you guys. It was definitely a memorable birthday I had. I appreciate a lot for everything you guys did for me. Feeling really blessed and love you guys a lot.  :)

So, the story start from...............

Spent my day on Mid Valley. Carpool with Dino to save parking costs. She was the only one who date me out on my birthday day itself as she / their plan was to surprised me with the others. But, I think I'm a bit too "alert a.k.a perasan" *Too bad, I'm only alert on these things, most of the time, I'm blur -.-* I felt something is just not-so-right. Especially on my day? Lol. I mean, in a good way. HAHAHA. So yea, it took us almost 30 minutes to think where to eat. HAHAHA. LOL. As usual, I won't decide, so we both ended up wondering around The Gardens. =/

Sushi Zanmai... Hokkaido Ichiba... TGIF... Fong Lye... Pancake House... and many more. Lol. And finally, she decided something early in the morning, which is Italiannies for our lunch. But coincidentally, at night I'm having dinner there with my family. Lol. HAHAHAHA. Everything clashes. =P

But yea, after been wondering there for quite sometimes, lastly, we decided to go Alexis for our lunch. Food, ok-ok la. Price was kinda expensive. But it was a good try. Never try, never know. =]

So, Dino and I went in first to look at the menu. 3 of them appear later and gave me surprises. Hehe. Thank you for coming. :)

Beef Noodles - RM28

Fish & Chips - RM34

Salmon Sandwhich - RM26

Carbonara Spaghetti - RM 36

Tadaa, my presents. :)
Opened it on the spot. @@".. 
Normally I won't, but they want me to do so, so.... I open it. =]

Reading the hand-made birthday card designed by my daughter. Hehe. :)

P/S: OCD wrote Minnie's wishes in front of me. HAHAHA. LOL. =P

Due to Alexis not allowed people to bring in outside food. Even cake also cannot. -.- So, we have to go another place to cut the cake. And..... OCD was trying to hide the cake, but....super failed. HAHAHAHA. I saw everything. LOL. =P

So, we randomly walk around at The Gardens AGAIN. Lol. Take some pictures before cutting the cake. :)

The Group. :)

HAHAHA. Got feel? =] 

My Wow Wow bag caught the attention in this picture. Loool. =]


So, our final decision is to cut cake at The Gardens food court.

Yea, my name officially become Pao. Lol. 
Tortoise and name written by Elephant. =P

I realized I always put my hand into my mouth. -.-

With Elephant~ The one who only motivated to study the day before exam. Will stress to-the-max, then spam my Whatsapp. =P

The only non-chinese in our group. HAHAHA.. 
P/S: Go take some Chinese class, so that next time I don't need to translate it for you. HAHAHA. =P 

HAHAHA. I like Sosopo first picture expression!! So natural and cute. =P 

My daughter, the one I'm scared of. HAHAHA. The one who always trying to used her unique way to cheer me up. The one who loves bunny a lot. And.......the one who always say NO to me. Lol. =P

My presentsssss! :)

Shin-Chan cup from Sosopo. Accidentally pull the Shin-Chan head out. LOL. And the half-teared price tag. HAHAHA. All of us laugh like mad..XD

Xperia-Z phone cover from OCD. I wanted to buy a new phone cover but now I get a new one. Hehe. :)

Cartoon-eraser-pencil set from Elephant. HAHAHA. She said, childish things for childish me. Lol. ><".. And yes, I like it a lot, it was very cute. :)

The heavist-present-ever from my daughter. HAHAHA. She knows I like Doraemon, so everything I get is Doraemon. And her first-designed birthday card, also full with Doraemon pictures. Hehe. :)

Had a lot of fun on that day. Special thanks to Elephant for keep checking in here and and there, all reveal at Twitter. BAHAHAHA!

And yes! I'm 24th this year! Getting old. HAHAHA. Although physically and mentally I doesn't look like my age. -.- Till today, people are still asking me, which high school am I studying? And most of the people think I'm still studying Form 3............ O.O~ Primary friends ask me why I still look the same and why I never grow. Loool. And, even though I'm the eldest among my siblings, when people were asked to guess who's the eldest one, bro is always the victim who become my GorGor, then sister is the middle one and I'm the youngest one. HAHAHA. =P

Thanks for all those warm birthday wishes, SMS-es and calls. Until today, I'm still receiving birthday wishes. Lol. Anyway, thank you so much. :)

Thanks for this wonderful birthday celebration.
I'm happy and thanks for everything you guys did for me. :)

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minniechang said...

Happy Birthday Vanzy! I owe you a meal k! :)