Monday, January 20, 2014

Colourful Advanced Birthday Celebration

Had a colourful advanced birthday celebration with my besties. Why I called it as colourful? Because of all those balloons. Hehe. :)

Thanks for everything you guys prepared, the cake, present, dinner and supper! Not to be forgotten, all those colourful balloons were blown by them! More than 20 balloons, not bad huh? Although I'm afraid of balloons. Err, yes. I am scared of balloons, lol. I only like those helium one, but still, the balloons you guys prepared I still love it la, no worries. As long as it don't burst in front of me. Lool. =P

So, the story was........ Get a random message from Lover before the day and asked me when am I free to yamcha? And blah blah blah, another random new suggestion, she said she wanna eat Bak Kut Teh. Lol. And yea, not a problem for me as I don't like to make any decision, as usual. So, I agreed with it. =]

So, reached her house and Honey came out and told me Lover was busy doing something, come in her house and wait for her. So, I park my car, walk into her house, it goes. Lover carrying a cake out from the kitchen and singing birthday song, and of course, the photos session here then begins. =P

And yeah, here you go, pictures time! Don't feel like boom-ing those who read my blog, so I combined some of the pictures together. Hehe. Enjoy. :)

The reason why I hold this white balloon is because there's word on it. But......can't see it. Lol. I took a closer look of it. =]

Here you go...XD

Blow~ Blow~ Blow~ =P

LOL. I look so......... O.o~

Yaaa, I am very the hungry. Loool. =] 


From the left to right: Honey, Lover and Lover's sister. :)

Balloons time! HAHAHAHA! XD

Our dinner, Domino! :)

Lover said must take this picture because...... I use fork and knife to eat pizza. -.- While all of them using hand. *Yes, I got OCD while eating. Loool.* =]

Tadaaa, my present a.k.a new toy, tripod. It's taller than me. :)

HAHAHA. Surrounded by all balloons. Luckily it didn't burst. Lol. XD

Bak Kut Teh as our supper @ Old Klang Road. =P 

CNY cookies from bad Honey, thank you. =P

P/S: I got no idea why my hair look black in all those pictures. Lol. Or maybe it is night time? In real person, it looks different or at least, the colour is more outstanding. =/

Took this picture on Fri while on the way to Port Klang. Btw, my hair colour should look something like this. Not so bright la of course, a bit darker. Lol. And I look so fair in this picture. BAHAHAHA. =P

Appreciate a lot for what you guys have done, and yes...
I'm happy. :)

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木子 said...

Happy Birthday Vanzy!
You look so happy in those photo!
All the best in future and stay healthy and happy ya <3