Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My life in 2013

Today hit the first day of the year of 2014. Happy New Year people! Have a great year ahead and enjoy your day with your family, friends and your loved ones. May God pour His love and warmth on all of us. God bless. :)

Oh ya, this post is about those things happened during 2013 year. There're so many blessings I get, I mean, too many till I can't count. And I always said I'm a blessed child! Indeed, yes I am. I'm not saying I did not experience any sadness, anger or negative emotions, but yet, I choose to note down all the blessings I received. So that in the future, when I view back, it will then serve as memories for myself *Getting old, memory getting worst. LOL.* :)

I appreciate a lot and sincerely I wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who love, care, concern or even to those who hurt me before. I learn lesson from both parties. Although it's really hard to forgive and forget, but God says: "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." :)

Definitely it's not easy. And of course I'm not saying I can fully do so, but yes, I'm learning to accept whatever comments people gave me. I'm learning and I am happy and proud to say that I manage to do part of it, though not all. But yea, it's a learning process. I believe I'll become better in the future. I know I can. :)

So yea, I'll try to recall as much as I can, and hopefully I didn't left anyone out. :)

  • My first Genting trip with Lover and make new friend with Maichi from Vietnam. And another friend.. Err, sorry, I forgot her name, cause we just met for 3 hours. ><"..
  • My first official outing with them; Dino and Sosopo at Mid Valley. *exclude the Jojo lunch* :)
  • A surprise birthday celebration for me by my Uni gang at Mid Valley! Although I can sense it before that. Hahaha.. Thanks for everything, Panda Group! Thanks for the cake and present, it was a Huge Turtle! And Rogi bear, thanks for the Sushi Zanmai treat! Love you guys a lots! =D
  • Another birthday celebration with my besties at 1 Utama. Thanks for the lunch and dinner. It was a simple one, but yet I enjoy my day with you guys. And also, thanks for the Rainie Yang album you guys gave me! This was a special edition and it's imported from Taiwan. *Present received on the Feb* :) 

  • New year celebration with besties, brother and Eileen. Playing firecrackers with them at my house's playground. Hehe. :)
  • Work as ice-cream promoter at AEON Big Mid Valley for 1 month++. A very good experience. It's tiring but yet manage to make new friends with other promoters, and also learn some "skills" while working. =P

  • Hang out with Kutuu and for the very first time she's staying at my house. Hehe. :)
  • Went to Annual Dinner and become the official photographer in this event. :)

  • Get my new phone, Sony Z! Muahahaha..XD
  • Attending Social Gathering Batch 18. And don't know why, I suddenly become the photographer at the end. Lol. =]
  • Good Friday, choir group at church. :)
  • Celebrating Sindu's birthday at Neway, Sunway Pyramid! :)

  • Created Twitter account on 20th May! =D
  • Celebrated Theresa a.k.a Skeleton belated birthday at Nando's. :)
  • Adam's night at church. :)
  • Yes, it's him! Nick Vujicic! He came to Sunway University to give motivational talk and lucky me manage to get the chance to meet him face-to-face! :)
  • Met Rainie Yang, finally! So happy get to see her face-to-face! My dream came true. Still remember the next day is my L&E workshop, but still I went to see her. Definitely no regrets! Hahahaha..XD
  • Get my new tripod! Yayyy! :)
  • Having L&E workshop. As usual, nervous to the max cause phobia presentation. But thank God, my group successfully make it through! Thanks for all the support from friends and of course, without God, I am sure I can't make it through. My workshop topic "Light Painting Photography." I am glad that Miss Elaine and our fellow classmates like our topic and find it fun! Hehe. :)

  • Created an account for Instagram! =D
  • Video shooting for Communication Skills at my house.
  • First time ever car masuk longkang. Thankfully no one is hurt. Anyway, the car looks serious, but it wasn't that bad. Hmpph. =]
  • Exams month! Most stressful exams everrrrrr! 4 exams in a week! It killed me, seriously.. -.-
  • Before the last paper, Personality Psychology paper, went for PD trip with family. How amazing am I? Lol. Anyway, I survived. =]

  • PD trip with family AGAIN. Lol.
  • Went 1 Utama with Dino and Sosopo. :)
  • Hang out with my besties. :)
  • Get my Doraemon set! Thanks mom! :)
  • Abnormal Psychology interview. Concern from family and friends, feeling really blessed! :)
  • Kek Jin a.k.a Mama 21st birthday. :)
  • Become their Abnormal intruder. Lol. Followed them to HELP Uni for Abnormal Psy interview and 1 Utama for lunch. :)
  • Received a superb belated prize from Canon for the winner of Hari Raya contest 2012~ Camera + Case + SD Card. =]

  • Fall from staircase, careless me. -.- And thank you for those who concern me so so so much. Special thanks to my daughter, who help me carry all my stuffs like lappie, bag and anything which is consider "HEAVY". And sometimes, purposely drop me to Uni first. Thanks a lot. :)
  • Thanks to my wisdom tooth, went for surgery. T_T..
  • Had dinner with classmates at Fong Lye, Sunway Pyramid. Celebrating mid-term break. :)
  • Family trip to Genting after years. Went to Sam Hui concert! Enjoy, first time going concert with family. :)

  • Went for Psychology Conference at Kampar Utar and had a 3 days 2 nights trip with Sifats gang! Had a lot of fun! Hopefully we can have another trip together in the future! :) *P/S: All those pictures are still awesomely with me, please get it from me.* 

  • Day and night staying at Uni. Definitely "enjoy" to the max. Face my Sifats gang more than my family. Lol. 
  • Thanks for everything. Else than thank you, it's still thank you. I'm definitely a blessed kid! :)

  • Still day and night at Uni till 19th December, last day of exam! =]
  • Mei Sheng's 21st Birthday celebration. :)
  • Sosopo's 20th Birthday! :)
  • Having BBQ party with my Sifats gang and besties! :)
  • Blissful Christmas Singapore trip with family. :)
  • PD trip with besties. And coincidentally, Dino going with her family on the same day with us, just staying beside my room. Hehe. :)
  • Bak Kut Teh steamboat at night. Love shape mayo-egg breakfast prepared by my Lover. Christmas present; Doraemon lollipop from my daughter. Honeystar with milk from my daughter as well. :)

And yea, I'm done with this post! Yayy! It took me hours to upload this post. Lol. My first day of 2014, went to Empire with family. A simple day yet I'm happy for what I have now. Looking back what I had last year,, I couldn't ask for more. :)

So, how about your 2013? I believe it's a good one too yea? Remember, life still continue no matter how. I hope this year gonna be a better ones! I wanna say thank you for those who always be with me through good and hard times, and I apologize for whatever mistakes I did. Thank you and sorry. :)

Have faith in Him, always trust Him with all your heart and for sure, things won't go wrong. Don't let worries about tomorrow affect your relationship with God today. :)

Dear God, I wanna take a minute,
not to ask of anything from you,
but simply to say thank you,
for all I have. :)


木子 said...

I loved it since many photo in this!!!! :P

minniechang said...

you awesome la can remember the events accordingly. I cannot remember them LOL. to a better year ahead Vanzy!

Vanzy Lee said...

Eileen~ HAHAHAHA!! I know I know, you love to see many pictures post! Especially those pictures taken by me one. =P

Will try to upload more pictures in the future IF I'm hardworking enough and got time. =P

Happy New Year!! :)

Vanzy Lee said...

Minnie~ HAHAHA!! Thanks to all those pictures, got details can track back. And it took me hours to arrange all those pictures cause too many. HAHAHA! Lol. =P

Happy New Year and have a great year ahead! :)