Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CNY is around the corner!

Heeyaaa, how's everyone doing? Hope all of you are doing well ya? :)

So, how's your CNY preparation? Everything should be almost done by now ya? As for me, I think I do have enough things for myself. Thanks mom. :) It has been quite sometimes I didn't buy any new clothes. I mean, for me new year not necessary to wear new clothes and so on. There's still some of it is from the previous / 2-3 years back. Lol. And some of it is because my mom bought it for me and I can't fit in. LOL LOL. And surprisingly, I manage to fit it in now. HAHAHA. =P

New belt. New bags. New shoes. New shorts. New T-Shirts.

*Finally, I got white T-shirts! Oh yes, I like T-Shirts, simple and casual. XD*

Can't believe tomorrow is already New Year's Eve. Seriously, I don't feel excited at all. It's just another holidays for me, meet up with some friends and perhaps relatives? Lol. And also collecting angpaos. And sitting at home watching TV / surfing the net / sleeping. And going to cinema with siblings *we did this for the past few years*. And.... And.... And.... I don't know. LOL.

Anyway, early morning woke up by mom to become driver. Went 1U and wandering around there, bought some stationary stuffs and CNY cookies. Enjoying my life now, going here and there with family as bro is busying with his studies, so basically left me alone. Lol. I think, I'm a person who cannot stand boring-ness, but somehow, I like to be alone also? Lol? Whatever, just ignore what I just said. =/

Tadaaa, CNY cookies at home! 
These are just part of it. 
Mom just bought few cans, others are from my friends and my aunties. :) 

Then came home and OCD me have to clean all my personal belongings! Cannot tahan, very dirty. Lol. So, I used some liquid and brush to clean it. So yea, my things now are very CLEAN. BAHAHAHA. Satisfied. XD

My watches, chain and phones.
Yes, you didn't see it wrongly. 

My baby phone still working very well.
The only thing is just the speaker sound now become so SOFT. ><"..
Have to wait few hours only can become normal back. =]

And yea, not feeling well. ><".. Down with flu and sore throat since Monday which I don't know why, how and where I suddenly get it from. -.- As for today, it seems getting worse. My nose is like a water-tap without the "close-button" and keep hachiuuu non-stop. Flu till my eyes become watery and ears feel like some sound-proof system. @@.. And.......another friend came visit me too, which is Mr.Cough. Zzzz..

Another yay! I found my new sleeping partner, which is...... TISSUE. Keep making "wantan" and my voice started to become sexayyyyy. Lol. =/

P/S: The only thing I'm so called excited during CNY is I can take fireworks photos! Hee. =]

Happy CNY people. 
Enjoy it with your family, friends and loved ones.
May God bless us with happiness, health and growth in our spiritual life. :)

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