Thursday, January 9, 2014

Little Update about Myself. :)

Aloha? I'm here to update my blog! Happy? =P

So yea, my holidays continue. Wanted to work, but I guess I should give myself a short break first. Studying for 3 months+ make my body system upside-down. Ehem. So, personally, I don't think it's too over to give myself at least a month to rest-play-enjoy or to do anything that I like. =]

Current status: "Busy" but with appointment made beforehand, don't worry, I'll still be available. HAHAHAHA. Lol. So, you must be wondering what am I doing? Studying time also busy, holidays also busy? O.O

So yea, my daily routine for now is day day out with family. I mean, almost EVERYDAY I go somewhere with them. @@".. Well, I don't really like staying at home, so I rather go out with them. Hmm, I should rephrase, I like staying at home, but not to the extend of everyday at home doing nothing. Lol. Don't think I can stand the boring-ness. Moreover, bro started his class, but anyhow, even when he's at home, he will stick to his computer and play Dota. So, no difference. -.-

And yea, back to topic! Finally, I've straighten and coloured my hair. Cannot tahan anymore. Wanna have a guess why I straighten my hair? I bet no one can guess it correctly. Lol. =]

Too lazy to comb my hair. -.- Okayy okayy, I know this is don't know what non-sense excuse. But yea, after straighten it, it's so so so much easier to take care. And I pay myself kay! *so now in bankruptcy condition* Blehh~ Except you pay for me, then maybe I'll think of another more "reasonable" excuse. HAHAHA. 

And, the thing I hate after straighten it were...........FLAT LIKE PAPER and CANNOT WASH HAIR FOR 3 DAYS. -.- Oh.My.Goodness. Cannot wash hair is the most irritating thing on earth. Feel so D.I.R.T.Y. -.-

Well, my original hair wasn't curly actually, but still, I prefer after straightened it. So much easier to take care and hair quality looks nicer. But of course, you have to pay for it la. Lalalaa.. O.O

Hmmm, I look different with and without spects. Lol. =]

And after 1 week+, I dye my hair, means TODAY. BAHAHAHAA! I used Liese - Glossy Brown. A very good brand to use, I think this was my 2nd time using this. This colour I choose is consider mild-brightness colour. Choose this because I want a long-term-look colour as I only dye my hair once a year or sometimes 2 years once. So yea.. Another reason is because my mom don't like very light colour hair, she said light colour hair looks like DOG fur colour. Swt.. -.-

Things provided inside the box; hand gloves, mixtures, treatment after dyed and also with instructions paper of course. 

It looks like I'm going to do operation for someone. Lololol. XD 

 Here I go, feeling so excited dye my hair for myself for the very first time. Hehe.
Praying so hard at that moment...... O.O~

This is before I dye my hair.
Very obvious, it become 2-tone colour. O.O~

 After I massage it, need to wait 30 minutes for it.
Need to cover my face up, I look so-the-cacat in this pic. -.-
So, this is the process while I'm dye-ing.

The reason why I think I gonna fail because according to the instruction paper or video, if without foam/bubble, colour won't turn out well. As you can see from the picture above, there's NO FOAM AT ALL. I FINISHED THE WHOLE BOTTLE OF THE MIXTURE. =/

Okayy, my hair should look something like this. But mine is like W.H.A.T? -.-

So, this is after wash hair with shampoo and treatment provided in the box. See, no colour appear right? T______T..

And then, after blow dry my hair, with all those positive expectations to look at the mirror and............. TADAAAAAA~ Surprisingly, the colour then appear! Bahahahaha!!! XD

This is the so called most natural colour I can get from my Xperia Z. Didn't edit much except for editing the 4-pictures together. Hehe. :)

So how? Nice? HEHEE. =P

My hair still look very soft and silky even after dyed it. I tried using other product before once, and my hair will look very very dry and brittle. So, my feedback for Liese, I'm very satisfied with this product. :)

Top view

Side view

And this was my very first time dye-ing my hair myself. Was very scared and worried actually, first of all, because I got no experience at all. So, ended up kept watching YouTube tutorial. Lol. And I thought it wouldn't turn out any colour. Seriously. -.- Loool. But guess what, NO!!! The result turn out quite well and I love my new hair colour. Hehe. Mission complete! HAHAHAHA. *Secretly proud of myself* ~ Clap-clap~ =P

After done with dye-ing my hair, of course, it's time to throw away all those "rubbish". =P
White gloves become purple-ish colour. O.O 

The red circles are all those stains I kena while dye-ing my hair. LOL. Err, anyway, it's time to throw away this shirt; it has been 6 years. HAHAHA. So, bye bye. =P 

Comments on Liese
Easy to use, instructions provided are very clear.
Hair still very soft and smooth after used it.

Expensive (But I bought it during promotion, RM29.90, so still okayy)

There's 18 different colours. For more information, Click here! :)

Yayy! I'm so happy~
Satisfied with the result! Hehe.
Happy reading people! :)

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