Monday, July 26, 2010


Bridging class had started last week. And seriously, I got no confident to handle it. The level is like 2 or 3 times harder than my Diploma level. And the most important things is, NO TIPS will be given. I have no more short-cut way. I have to study EVERYTHING. Wondering whether can I make it through this time?

But yet, I trust the mighty of the LORD. HE will lead me the way and always be with me whenever I need HIM. And I hope all my friends can make it through too. Let us work hard together to achieve our goal. And I'm sure all of us sure can do it! :)

And so, back to the main topic, Brigding. I'm taking 3 papers. Having classes on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Geez! Sunday having classes!? First time for me and I do feel really weird... >.<"~

The 3 papers are Strategy and Management, Sales Management and Corporate Finance. And be frankly, the paper I dislike or HATE the most is Corporate Finance. Just NO REASON. lol......

Of course, we can't escape from assignments and exams. It's been part of my life since 2008. Nightmare.......... T.T~ My lovely "assignments-exams".... When only can I say bye bye to YOU???

Hey! I told myself, don't give up easily. When I felt really can't handle it, there are always good news. Dear LORD always know what is the best for me and HE always prepared the best things for me.

There are 2 good news.

-Firstly is there is no more Relationship Marketing subject for us anymore. HAHAHAHA..... We're the first batch, are we lucky? It replaced it by Sales Management. Lecturer say this subject is much more easier compared to Relationship Marketing. Hmmm...... :)

-Secondly, it is our Corporate Finance got NO EXAM! WooHoo~~~ 100% coursework. (I know it will be very tough, but yet, I still prefered full coursework...^.^) It's definetely a good news for all of us! Especially ME. Hahahaha....XD..... We're also the first batch, how lucky are we? :)

The thing I can do is....... Don't always think negatively. Always think positively. (I'm trying really hard on this...) Things are just not that bad if we think it in another way. When you face any difficulties, find some way to relax yourself. Like listening to songs, find your friends to chat or even do something you like. It really helps. :)

P/S: Exam is just 4 more days away. Hopefully what I prepared now, I can remembered it in the exam. God bless me and my friends! :)

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