Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First working experience...

Date: 9/7/2010 - 11/7/2010
Venue: Mid Valley, Cold Storage...

This was my very first time to work. Get a called from my friend and ask me whether want to work or not. And after I think a while, I plan to give it a try. My friend gave me this kind of response.......You work??! You work??! Vanzy Lee work??! lol..... So SUPRISE I work? Hahahaha....XD

Well, actually, I'm really scared to work as this was my first job. I'm 20th this year and I haven't step into the working field before. I afraid that I might not do well. But anyway, I tell myself, DON'T ESCAPE! You can escape now, how about next time? Since others can do it, I also can do it! *Remember, always think positively*~ :)

Work at Mid Valley, Cold Storage as a promoter. Working for 3 days, 11am to 7pm. Really tired...... But I do enjoy it. The staffs there were friendly. Hehehe...

In order to become a good promoter, we must always SMILE... Agree? Hehehe..... Even how bad the customer's atttitude are, we still have to put on our smiling face. Hmmm, Yea, I did it! *Claps*~ ^.^

The things that I learnt..... Be brave! Don't afraid what others think about your selling skills. Just approach them when there are people around. Always smile. Even when they just try and don't buy it. This's the way should be. A good promoter should not only aim for selling point, must provide good services to customers also. Hehehehe.....

Took some pictures, have a look on it. Hehehe.... :)

Cheese, imported from Australia....
COON brand....:)

I'm promoting this....

Block Cheese
Temporary Promoter PASS

Toast it with bread with a toaster...

Delicious right? Yea, it does! :)

Wanna try? :)

Then have to cut it into pieces...Inside the tupperware:

Left is cheese toasted it with bread.. Right is only cheese..

Lastly, is ME! ^^
Wearing a cap and the apron while working...Hehehe...
A bit look like BOY~~ >.<"

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