Monday, July 12, 2010

Semester 6 Results

Finally, I took my results that I wanna know for ages. Actually, the results were out last Friday, but due to I'm working, so, I didn't take it last week. I'm taking my Semester 6 results. The level of subject is getting tougher and tougher. Thank god! I managed to PASS all of it!

Took my results around 9:45am. As usual, took it at library. Hmmmm, be frankly, I did have the confident that I will pass all the subjects in the last semester. I don't know why. I'm not over-confident. But just that I FEEL that I can pass it. Hehehee....

The moment I step onto the library, as usual, both hands become cold, a bit worried that I can't get the results that I want. Because I know I did not do well in the exam. And so, even how it is, I still have to face it.

Raeshyl and I give our student ID to the counter people. She gave to Raeshyl first, then only my turn. With some mistake, both of us took the wrong results. I mean she took mine, and I took hers. I don't even realized it.

After a while, Raeshyl told me that we both took the wrong one. Even our student ID. >.<"~ And I was like.......'Huh? Really? Let me look at the name.....' And it was real. Hahahaha... What a mistake! The moment I get my real results, I was SUPRISE with it!

My face show out a happy expression. [^v^]~ I didn't think before I can get this result. I'm really happy! I used to study and do revision until midnight (Only when having exam..Hehe..). The effort that I put, it's worth! Happy, happy and happy!

Here are my results. Before that, I write it here just wanna share my happiness with all of you. No other purposes. :)

International Business---> A
Business Research---> A
Human Resource Management---> A
Business Management---> A


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