Friday, July 16, 2010


Sorry. Another late post. Kinda busy to do my notes in the past few days.Yet, I still haven't done it. Hmmmm..... >.<"
Well, this happened to me on Monday. I'm the MYVi owner. From the photo above, you think from which way I can out from there? You think I can drive out from the front? Yea, right! Just bang the wall? Very funny! [o.O"]
And I really fed-up with this kind of people. PLEASE FIND A PROPER PARKING LOT TO PARK!!! Don't simply park!

Well, I admit that I'm not good at parking. But yet, although how bad is my parking skill is, parking for like 5 minutes? I still park at a parking lot.*Huh? 5 minutes? Yea.... But at least I'm learning and trying...* :)

Even if you can't find it, please park at those place which will not caused troublesome to people. Just like the picture above. The Toyota car block my way out! Okay, even if it's really an emergency case, at least please leave your contact number so that I can contact you. Okay?

Sigh....What can I do at that moment? I stood there awhile to think how to solve it. Then, I used a method that I usually won't used, which is HONK. I hate people honk me while I'm driving, especially when it's not my fault. It really get into my nerves. *Don't ask me the reason WHY...Because I also don't know... lol... Hahaha....*

Honk for 10 to 15 minutes, and the people around there were staring at me. And I hate this kind of feeling. I just look like an ALIEN who's doing something weird. lol...... What-so-ever. The most important thing is to find out who's the car owner.

Lastly, the person came out. Thank god. Finally! And she was like............??!?!? I look at her and she don't even really look back at me. And the thing that really make me get mad was........... SHE STILL WALK SLOWLY TOWARDS TO THE CAR! Oh god! Really..................!!!

Well, I don't wanna start an argument with her. That day is my happy day caused of my results. *Wheee~ ^.^* Don't let this kind of thing spoilt my mood. Everything will be fine. Just let it be. :)

To become a good driver, SKILL of course, is one of the values we should have. Another value would be good ATTITUDE. Without this, we are just not a responsible and good driver. Agree? Drive safely, be patience and always tolerate with each others. *Claps* Yea, because I did it! :)
P/S: Will update on Chee Ching's Birthday Celebtation soon. Night everyone! :)

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