Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Out of my mind

I'm out of my mind. Geez. I'm just so moody these few days. And I have no idea why it happened to me again and again. I laugh as usual, talk like usual and smile like usual, but the actual me, I'm not happy. I really felt like crying sometimes.

Why I felt so? Hmmmm, I can't figure it out also. My mind just blank and empty. I don't feel like I'm motivated to do anything. Have you ever experienced this kind of feeling? It really makes me moody whole day. And I hate this kind of feeling surround me. Please go far far away from me.

Exam is just around the corner, or I should say NEXT WEEK. And yet my notes are not done yet. Sigh. This make me tense. I really hope I can photocopy notes from others. But who can I borrow from? I'm really tired of doing this.

Not to say I'm selfish. But sometimes people just don't appreciate what we did. They take advantages from you but when they have the advantages, they keep it for their self only. Agree? I help those who need help, but at the end, what do I get back?

I believe them, I trust them. At the end, I just get a LIE from them. When they need your help, they say something really nice and good to you. But once finished, they don't even bother about you anymore.

Sometimes I really felt that I'm stupid. Why I kept think back those days? It just make me sad. I want to forget it. I don't want my life with those memories. Why should I bother what they did that to me before? NOT WORTH FOR IT!

And sometime I wondering, why should I help those who don't even appreciate me? Why? Since people don't appreaciate it, I should not do them a favour, right? If you think I'm that kind of person, then you're wrong! I didn't regret helping each other, as I felt even happier after I help them.

What they want to think about me, I can't control. But at least, I did my part of job. Don't always ask for repay after helping people. Helping people with sincere heart is the greatest
things in life that we can do. 所谓,助人为快乐之本! :)

***Forget all those sadness! VANZY LEE! You can do it! Trust yourself! Time will prove it! With the support from your friends and the strength of GOD, I know I sure can do it! :)

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