Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm too HAPPY because of having exam?!

I wanna sleep, but I can't! :(

Yea, it was 2:15am now. Having morning exam later. But yet, I'm still blogging. WTH! I supposed to be sleeping on my lovely bed at this time. But yet, I have no idea why I'm not doing this now?! Gosh! Frankly speaking, I'm not anxious with the exam, but yet I don't know why I can't fall asleep? Yea, I bet I'm just too HAPPY because of having exam?! LOL =.="

Since 11:30pm I went to bed. My eyes was terribly tiring, but yet my mind was like keep working non-stop. Sigh. Roll to the left and roll to the right for thousands time, but yet, I still can't fall asleep. Try to turn on my HP music, listening music for almost 1 hour, but yet, I'm still awake. >"<~
Then, I try to memorise all my notes all over again. (Usually I'll fall asleep during halfway.) I thought this method could work this time, but yet, again. It prove that it's useless! >"<~

I think I have to try this. >"<~

Hmmm, I really don't know what to do. And so, conclusion is............I'm in front of my lovely computer now. Facebook-ing and blogging to pass my time. LOL =.="
I really wanna sleep. It's just few more hours to go before my exam. Exam starts on 9am. And I need to go out around 7am+. You can imagine IF I really could fall alseep now, I just can manage to sleep for like LESS THAN 4 HOURS!!!
Gosh. What can make me fall asleep now? Feel like crying. Eyes can't barely open, but yet I can't fall asleep! I wanna sleep! :(
It's 3:07am now!!! Zzzzz.....!!!!!!! (Can someone please kill me?) T_______T


Yasmine said...

Hi Vanzy.. perhaps you can try to drink a cup of warm milk.. maybe it can help you to sleep.. anyway, all the best and good luck for your exam!

~VaNzY~ said...

Hello, Yasmine. Thanks for the information. But the poor thing is, my house got no milk at that moment. Hehehe... And thanks for the wishes too! :)