Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shabu Garden- Celebrating Chee Ching's Birthday

Date: 7/7/2010
Venue: Kuchai Lama- Shabu Garden..

Sorry! I know I'm kinda late to post this. I got insufficient time to upload those photos here as it really time consuming. And now, since I've just finished my Sales Management- Tutor Assessment Test. I'll keep my promised, let me post about it now. :)

I'm trying really hard to re-call back everything that happened on the 7/7/2010~ Hopefully I do. Hahahaha..... Well, we prepared this for more than 1 month. A Birthday surprise for Chee Ching. Basically, there are 3 mission! Thank god! All our mission complete SUCCESSFULLY! I'm so happy with this! :)

That day falls on Wednesday. All of us have no class that day. And so, we followed what we've planned earlier. Went out around 3:30pm to Pei Voon house, Tracy tag along too! Then headed to Taman Desa there to buy cake. (This was my first time drive there... 1st mission complete! Hehe..)

Then after that, put the cake at Kuchai Lama, Shabu Garden restaurant. And now, the most excited moment came, we're now going to fetch Chee Ching, the birthday girl. Why am I so excited? This is because of SHE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT! *Evil Laugh* Hahahaha....XD

We purposely wanna gave her a SURPRISE. And I'm glad that it works! (We failed to do this last year because of her brother~ >.<"~ And so, for this year, we called her mum. Everything goes well as what we've planned. ^^) When we reached her house, 3 of us stood there.... And she was so surprised that why we're there. And I still can remember her face expression. Hehehe~ (2nd mission complete, SURPRISE! Wheee~)

And so, went inside her house, then chit-chatting for awhile. She kept ask us why we're here, but of course, no one answered her. (Yeah~ She looks blur... 3 of us--> Evil smile* :P)

After awhile, of course we went to Kuchai Lama there to had our dinner. She really think that we're just going for dinner, with no other purposes... And 3 of us were really good in acting, we just pretend like nothing. (Hahahaa.... I think we got the potential to become a good actor soon....Whee~ :P)

So, we reached there. Ordered our food. This and that..... Chatting.... Blah blah blah.... After finished our food. Of course, like what we've planned, Pei Voon and Tracy is the one who take the cake out and I'm the one who have to make sure Chee Ching don't felt curious about it. Such a big duty eh? Hehehe.... (I felt that I'm such a prefessional LIAR... lol... XD)

And here it came, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Song and a Chocolate Mousse cake appear just in front of her. She get shock! She don't even think before it. Am I correct, right? (Yea, I'm so so happy, 3rd mission complete also! Wheee! ^^)

Gave her the present we bought and the birthday card. And I really enjoy it so much on that day. But yet, I'm really tired because I didn't really slept well the day before. All because of I'm too excited. lol...... o.O"~

After that, of course is chit-chatting session and our photo session. Took about 100+ photos... As usual things.... Hehehe... Well, I think I wrote almost every single detail things about that day. Wonder if I missed out some? Hmmm.. Anyway, do enjoy those pictures! :)

It's key chain with her name...


Pig Ching Ching birthday card...Only one in this world....Hehehe...XD

Her Pig Face~ XD

The cake shop


Our food... Yummy! :)

Me and Ching Mango Drinks..Nice! ^^

The Besties! :)

The light..

The Birthday Girl~
Happy Birthday~~~
Wish you always happy!!! :)

20th years old

Chee Ching and Pei Voon

Chee Ching and Tracy

Ching and Me~

Make a wish...
May all your dreams come true! :)

Cutting cake session

With her birthday card..

The Pig Family..

Tracy and Ching~

With her gift! :)

Me and You

3 of us..

Suprise! :)

Our natural pose..

I love this one! =)

Finally, my pic here... Took by Tracy~~~


These 2 people always bully me~~

Wanna eat? Taste nice! :)

Can't finished it....

Hahahahaha.... Tracy hair..... o.O"

Eat, eat, eat.......



Chee Ching..


Our Pudding...

It's mine, don't take it from me! :P

Bad honey..

Nice and Sweet!

You feed me...

I feed you...

Our conversation!!! Hahahaha...

Me with the pudding..


My blur honey~ Hehehe..XD

Tracy and Me..

Friendship needs no words!

I like this! Natural~


End my post with them!
P/S: Gosh, used 2 hours+ to blog this.... It's time for me to do revision~~~ Bye! :)

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