Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dentists are so scary!

I'm trying to escape to go to the dentist since I do my teeth surgery 3 years ago. Today, I have to go there to check my 'beautiful' teeth. LOL. Seriously, I hate dentist so so so so much! Urghhh! Those sounds are so "geli"~ Arghhh! >"<~

Went there to check my teeth with my brother, of course, mum tag along. Once reached there, my heartbeat started to pump really fast. Bob Bob Bob... It was really like heart attack! LOL. Well, I know my expression might be a bit over. HAHA. But, I really afraid of dentist. I hate! Mama, please help me! =.=!!
"The doctor asked me, come here for? I answered, errmmm, check teeth." LOL. Very funny! Well, actually, I'm trying not to say the word 'wash' because I really hate washing teeth. It's really PAIN. T.T~

Pray hard hard that- please, I don't want to wash teeth. Please don't give me 'good luck'. But then I have no idea why, the doctor like knowing that I don't want to, but yet, he's still washing it. WTH. (I guess the doctor is thinking of- money please come, please come. LOL...) -.- Arghhhh! In the process of it, really killing me. I almost cried. Hey, it's really pain la. :(

Well, I forgot to bring my X-ray that I took few years back. And so, he can't manage to give me advise whether when should I undergo my another surgery. Sigh. Another thing that I'm afraid of. Will have to go there again. Thinking back the time where I do my surgery. It was suffering. Nightmare. >"<~

Well, at there about less than 30 minutes, guess how much? RM340 gone. WTH? It was so expensive? My mum expect it would be only around RM200. HAHA. And it ended up with this amount. LOL. =.=!!

P/S: Went gathering with my lovely primary classmates on Sunday. HAHA. Had a lot of fun! Will update it soon. Wait ya. :)

 Dentists are really scary.
I......scare......scare!!! T.T

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