Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Final results!

Yea, finally I got my final results on Monday. It was not out of my expectation. Everything so far so good. Last semester only having 2 subjects, which is Consumer Behaviour and Academic English. Be frank, these 2 subjects were not that tough. 

Most of the things are based on common sense. And of course, most of it does NOT means all. I still have to study and memorise those definitions. Be frank, I did feel dissapointed when I saw my Consumer Behaviour paper in the exam hall, because what I revision, it did not come out. Those examples were ALL DIFFERENT! Yea, totally different!
Well, here are my final results for the last semester:
Consumer Behaviour--> A
Academic English--> A

My final CGPA for the whole Diploma course- [3.62]~ (I'm not showing off..Just sharing to all of you..) And yeah, I'm really happy with it. I guess it was okay? :) I never ever thought before I can get this results. As I know myself well, I'm really not good in studies. F more than A... *Touch wood*

Well, Diploma life ended. Now it's time for me to fight for Bridging papers and my Degree year! Been attending Bridging class for 2 months. Hmmm, everything so far so good I guess? Except for Strategy & Management this subject. Totally BLUR. 99.9% don't know what it is about. LOL~ >"<~!

This subject will be a tough subject for me. It's 100% exam. Morever, sometimes I do not understand what my lecturer are teaching. Gosh. Been trying real hard to cope up with those notes, but yet, I still felt blur. How am I going to sit for the exam? :(

September gonna end and October are coming soon. According to Mr.Rishi, assignments will be only out on the 13th of October. And yea, I hate it. But yet, I will try to love it. Yea, I will................

Purposely did something that hurt myself again...
Yes, I know I should not do that...
Well, I don't know why... Just let it be...

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