Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Should we stop at Diploma?

Many people are wondering that should they stop at Diploma or should they continue their further studies. For you, which one would you prefer? Continue for further studies or entering working environment?  

Well, I face the same problem a few months ago. I wondering that whether should I continue my Degree or working. It really tooks me time to think about it. I'm confused. I'm worried that I might make a wrong decision. The thing I do is to pray to GOD so that HE can lead me the way. The answer I get from HIM was "No! Don't stop! Don't!"
Seriously, this is not a small matter where after we choose we can regret it in the future and then re-choose again. There's no such thing! The decision that we make might affect our future! Think twice and act wisely before we make a wrong decision. Once we choose, regret is no longer an excuse for us.

Yes, as I mention, I choose to continue. I'm taking my Bridging course now, and the level of it are really tough compared to Diploma level. But yet, I won't give up! I didn't even try before, why should I give up easily? Face the challenge! If you think you can! You can! (Well, this is for mentally support myself... We need to give motivation to ourself, if not, things will get harder for us to success.)

Reasons why should we continue:

Reason 1
Poeple used to said, working experience is often more important than education.

Actually, sometimes it also depends on what company we're entering. Like some of those company might want a Degree holder, whereareas some companies might want experiences workers. Of course, companies do want both type of workers. But it's rather hard to want both things perfectly at the same time.

Reason 2
I also heard people said that, try to work for sometimes first, then only continue studying.

Well, this statement is not totally wrong, but just that it's rather hard to concentrate on studying anymore once we used to the working environment. Working and studying are totally 2 different environment. Working usually need not used much of mentally, but studying, we have to kept thinking. Once we did not "practice" it fequently, our brain will started not "functioning". It's kinda hard for us to cope up back. (Not everyone will face this problem..)

Reason 3
Poeple do often said that nowadays Degree is nothing. Why do we have to waste our time and money to go for it? Since the working opportunity is just the same. 

Hmmm, yes, I do agree with this statement. Degree for now is just nothing, but remember, with Degree holder, it's definitely better than only with a Diploma holder. We might have better chance or opportunity to promote than others who did not have it. Anyway, it also do depends on which company we choose and enter.

Reason 4
I know comparing to Diploma level, it's really tough. But we should enjoy studying life than working life. Studying we can take our time to do it, like we can have holidays for every few months. But if working, there's no such thing called holiday. Stress will come NON-STOP! And studying only for few years, but working are like FOREVER~! So, we must enjoy our studying life!

P/S: In life, there's no such thing called easy life. No pain, no gain! Please think twice before you make a decision.

Anyway, in this world, nothing can be guarantee. Even how hard we work, we can't guarantee we can get back what we deserve to. But yet, we still have to put in our effort so that we have no regrets with it. And sometimes, not only hardwork, but LUCK do also play an important role too. Heeehe :)

Take your time to make decision...
Think twice and act wisely...
May god bless all of us! :)

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