Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sea of Lights

Out of 7 days a week, I went out 6 days. HAHAHA... LOL... No doubt, been quite emo these few days. Now I'm better. I'm controlling myself. Yea, control my mind, control my emotions, control....control....control...! xP 

Well, nothing much to write. Just back from class. Slept late and reached class late also. Heeehe.. Still so proud to write it out here. HAHA... Well, NO exam ma... *Evil Laugh...xD*~ 

Just wanna post up some pictures that I took last few days. It was lantern or so called "tang lung". It's really nice and all of these were made by recycle resources. Awesome and fantasic! :)

By the way, sorry for the low quality pictures, I used my handphone camera to took these pictures. Hmmmm, can guess why the quality is like that! HAHAHA!! Enjoy! :)

Sea of Lights

Dragon Fish

Using some of those bottles and eggs tray...

Those are vitagens bottle!
Fantasic right? :)

The Lost World
 This is really nice!
The colour are amazing!! :)

 Pexcala's Paradise! :)



On the way going home! :)

“Follow the river and you will find the sea~”

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