Thursday, September 9, 2010

KL flooded

Yesterday. Having class like usual. Well, everyone knows the weather nowadays are so so so HOT. And rains seldom will fall especially in the lovely hot afternoon. Who knows, when we're having class, the sky started to turn to dark grey colour. And then, started to have Glom Glom Glom sound! >"<~

Sigh. The rain getting bigger and bigger. And the thunder sound getting louder and louder. And so, people like me sure 'habis'. Guess you know what I meant ya? Yea, I didn't bring umbrella as usual. HAHAHAHA. (Still can laugh? =____=!!) Seriously say, even yesterday if I bring it, it would not help me too. Because the rain is really too heavy. 

Those mamak stalls tables and chairs are gone! Those umbrealla's are gone too. You can imagine how heavy the wind and rain are! And so, what we do is to back to LIB building there and sit. Me and Rae were just too bored. So, we started to have a look outside the window.

The view are just NICE. LOL. I can see everything from there. I pity those people who have to pack those tables and chairs in the heavy and windy rain. And eventually, after rains for 45 mins, the street started to FLOOD.

Motorcycles who park there also get "KILLED". The water level of it was not high as Tsunami of course. LOL. But yet, I think those motorcycle owner gonna cry after they saw it. >"<~ Half of the motor are covered by the water. I bet their engine will gone? >"<~

Anyway, the rain getting smaller after 1 hour of raining. And the water were 'ebb' after 15 minutes. Thank god. If not, I have no idea how we back. Only 1 small street, if the flood are still there, we can't manage to cross over. Yea, maybe I should think of SWIM over there. LOL...
Feel like wanna swin at PD sea? ^^!!

Pity those motorcycle owners!
Pity those shops also... >"<~!!


Watched Piranha with my brother yesterday. Not really that scary + geli... This movie quite nice, not bad. But some scenes do shock me. Geez! Wanna know more about this movie, Click Here!
By the way, today is my dad birthday. Happy Birthday. Wish you always happy and stay healthy! :)
It's holiday~!
Gonna enjoy it to the max before my lovely assignments arrived.
Heeehe... ^^!!

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