Friday, September 24, 2010

In Singapore now

Yea, currently I'm online-ing in Singapore. Heehe... Been here on Wednesday night. After having my Sales Management class, went to Bukit Jalil there took bus at 5pm and reached Singapore around 11pm. Quite fast huh? Actually, it can be even faster, but due to the bus driver stopping there and chit-chatting with other drivers. So, it's kinda late a bit.

Went here with my brother and auntie. Staying at my auntie friend's house. Heehe.. Everything prepared for us. Thank You so much. Thanks to the Kakak too, August (I think her name spell like this..Heehe..) who prepared food for us, washed our clothes and many others more. Heeehe :) 

Mostly I'll visit Singapore once a year. Just to travel around and shopping. But as I remember, I think the last trip I went here was 2 years ago. Hmmmm, I guess. HAHA..xD

The weather here was quite nice. Been raining since I went here. Hmm, I think we brought the rain here. HAHA. I did not expect to get these kind of weather here, as you know Singapore weather was always HOT. It's even hotter than Malaysia. But thank god, it was much cooler after rain. Thanks to the rain. HAHA.

Gotta go out soon. Took some pictures here, will update it as soon as possible. Stay tune. Heeehe..

P/S: Gosh, many post haven't update yet. 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+1=4, 4+1=5........ Oh no!! 

Getting MORE and MORE now! I think I'll just pick and choose to update it. Errrmm, SORRY. >"<~! It's just too many.

Took this picture this morning.
C U T E?
Yea, I know it is. Hahaha...xD

Enjoy the trip in Singapore.

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