Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Straighten my hair

Today is Wednesday. My mood still swings because of it. I even cried alone at night. But who knows? :(

Fine, stop that. It just make my day moody. Back to topic. Today, went to straighten my hair. This was my very first time to straighten it. It took me 3 hours sitting there. Mummy accompany me along, and she almost grow mushroom there. Keep on yawning non-stop. >"<~ Anyway, thanks for accompanying me. :)

RM150 for straightening it and RM50 for hair treatment. Not really expensive I guess? Or I think everywhere also almost the same price. It depends on the hair length. I don't know what mixture they applied to my hair. What I know is they applied mixture, wash, blow, 'iron', applied mixture, wash and blow. Then paid money. LOL. ^^!!
My mum said she's not used to see me in this hair style. =.=!! She say I look weird. >"<~ What you think about it? Nice? :)
The new me :)

I'm trying real hard to smile.
I guess I make it?

伪装,逞强 是会累的~ 我要做回我自己~ 忘记所有以前的事,从新来过~ 也许我未必能做到,但我答应,我会努力的... 所谓,有失必有得... 你们让我学习了一堂很重要的教训~ 我要重新站起来~!不会败给你们的~!Yes, I'm trying real hard. Really hard.

Sincerely apologize because I make you guys worry. Sorry. And sorry for not replying you guys message. I'll 'like' it, because I don't know what to say. And thanks for those who concerned about me. Million of thanks. :)

I just wanna be your friends...
It's just that easy...
Why can't we be friends? Why?
Crying because of this and well, I know I'm just stupid...

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