Monday, August 2, 2010

Bye Bye Diploma and I miss all of you!

This is not a new photo. I edit this last year if I was not misken.
I really miss all of you.
I said so, because I really do. :)
Wanna blog this last 2 days, but my schedule was totally pack. Been rushing with exams and T.A.T. Having the very last exam for my Diploma on the last Saturday. And now, yeah~ Exam finished! Which mean Diploma life ended. :)

Finally, after 2 years+ of struggling with those assignments and exams, it's ended. Time flies like rocket! I really can't imagine it, 2 years+ just ended like this. It was like just happened a few months ago. Hmmmm.......

I do enjoy my Diploma life a lot. Although life in college is much harder and tougher than in secondary, but yet, I still do prefer college life. I'm glad to meet all of you in my life.

Well, I'm not good in talking these things in front you guys. And so, I choose to write it in my blog and share it to all my readers. :)

I wanna say a million of thanks to all of you. When I met problems, you guys help me out. When I'm sad, you guys cheer me up. When we're happy, we share those happiness together. When I'm alone, you guys came into my life and play an important role in my life. Sincerely I'm glad to have you guys as my friends.

If I did anything wrong, I apologize to you here. Sorry. Please accept my apologize. :)

It's hard for us to get together like those days. Diploma ended. Some of them may not continue their studies and some of them are taking different courses. I missed those days we spent together. I really missed those days.

If I got the chance to choose, I really hope I can go back to those days. I really hope time can stop at that moment forever. From strangers till we're friends. And from friends, we became good friends. And from good friends, we became BEST FRIENDS. I hope this relationship will LAST FOREVER! :)

My tears drop while I'm blogging this. I'm just too emo I guess? Hehehe.... And here, I wish all of you all the best in your life. Remember this, no matter where we are, we're still friends. Nothing is gonna changed! Trust me, this is my promised. :)

P/S: Bridging class already started for 2 weeks, and I do feel the stress. Hmmm, hopefully I can it well like in my Diploma life. Or even better. God bless. :)

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