Friday, October 1, 2010

Singapore Trip 1

It's time for me to blog about my Singapore trip. Heeehe.. Well, I'm not going to write essay this time, basically what will I do is, I will divided my Singapore trip into few parts. Then basically explain about what it is. 

I think this would be a better way for me to blog this because there were too many photos. Yea, just too many. HAHA. Poeple who always tag along with me sure got tons and tons of photos. Reason? Because I love to take pictures! :)

I'm not going to upload all those photos here this time. I think it really took me time if I really do so. So, I'll just pick and choose. I'll just upload 20% of the total photos. All those photos I've uploaded in my Facebook. Wanna have a more detail look of those photos, Facebook please. :)

Some introduction first. Been there from Wednesday until Sunday. Staying at my auntie friend's house, Auntie Amy. Thanks for everything. Nice to meet you all, Auntie Amy, Uncle Bert, Vanessa and Kakak Agust~ Heeehe..xD

Hmmmm, yea, photo time. Enjoy! :)

After attending my Wednesday class, straight away went to Bukit Jalil there to buy our bus ticket. And so, what I meant is we did not had our dinner. And so, bought this burger while the bus stop at some resting corner. It's yummy~!! :)

Yea, this was our bus. Nice right? It was an executive bus. Each of us got own personal screen. We can play games and watch movie. Wheee~ Nice bus! :)

This is the picture of our own personal screen. Nowadays buses really nice compared to those old days. Some buses even got massage chair for us. Wow! Fantasic right? :)

This is the place where we stay at Singapore. 5 days 4 nights. The environment was quite nice. Building was clean. Sorry to say that, unlike Malaysia. Those white colour building, eventually will become black colour.  >"<~! Not to say Singapore won't. But in Singapore, the government has set 1 rule, which is "  paint all those buildings every 5 years".  In Malaysia, there's no such thing. And so this can be so called "history". LOL -.-

Took this in the MRT Station. Isn't it's so colourful and nice? According to one 1 my friend, he said at Masjid Jamek LRT Station there also have one like this. Similar.  But the difference is... It's TM but this is Pepsi.

Ermm, if I'm not mistaken, this is Vivo City. The outside environment was nice yea? I even saw some children playing with those water. HAHA. Cute~

This was a fountain where I took it outside the shopping complex. I have no idea why I felt that in Singapore, everywhere also have fountain. Hmm.... Because of the weather is too hot? Hmmm...

Yea, that was Sentosa Island. For this round, we did not went there. Just because of not enough time. Maybe the next trip! :)

This was a big book.Yea, really big. Imagine if I'm going to memorise this book for exam. LOL. Wondering how am I going to study this in my real life. Please don't! HAHAHA -.-

Yea, it was DESIGUAL! My favourite brand!! Nice!! The price here is basically more cheaper than Malaysia. How good if I manage to buy 1 there. Hmmm...

Took this while in the MRT Station. I bet in Malaysia won't have this kind of thingy yea? If got, also become black black colour already.. Oppps! -.-

Went to Suntex Tower Mall. There are 5 blocks of these. As I know, the 5 blocks were build by 5 succesful businessmen.There are actually like 5 fingers, but too bad. I can't took a picture of this.

Took this inside the Suntec Tower Mall. Wanna took a closer view, but too bad, that day the fountain was under maintenance. Hmm... Wasted...

It was Burger King. This was my very first time to eat Burger King. LOL. Hey, I'm serious! I just don't know why when I see this, I don't feel like wanna try it. But when I'm in Singapore, we had this as our tea time. Yea, very first time. HAHA. And guess what, the taste was not bad! Kinda like it though. :)

Here was the place where we had our dinner for the second day. Hmmm, officially should say first day yea? We reached around 11pm+ that night. And that Auntie Amy 'dapao' food for us, and eventually, it's consider as supper. HAHA. All were those hawker stalls, just the same like Malaysia. :)

We order many food. I think around 10 types of different food. Like the photo above is chicken wings, others were like porridge, stingray fish, wantan mee, oyster with egg, tong shui, hokkien mee, satay, kuew-teoy and others. Can't really recall back those dishes~ Too many~ xD.. And yea, we can't manage to finished it also... >"<~!

These were our breakfast. Or perhaps, I should called it as brunch. LOL. Yea, the day after that, we slept till 11:30pm only wake up. HAHA. Just like pig. -.- These breakfast was prepared by Kakak Agust. Thanks! It was delicious! :)

Yummy! I bet your saliva gonna drop yea? HAHAHAHA. Seriously, it taste really nice- Chicken wings! Yummy~!! ^^!!

The buses in Singapore. Look nice right? Hmm, yea, at least better than Malaysia. LOL. The speed they can drive is only 50/kmh. Gosh. This speed? -.- Seriously, I'm not joking! Wonder what speed did those driver drive in Malaysia. Hmmmm, 90/kmh?? Hmmmm...

Saw this sign inside bus. "Please wait for the Bus Captain to assist you in alighting." Hmm, wonder if it's true. Well, in Malaysia, I do see *some* polite bus driver who did that. Or else, what those driver did is just to *look* at them politely. LOL. Well, you know I know laaa.. Ehem...

Popeyes. This was also my very first time to eat this. We had this as our dinner. The food was quite nice, not bad. If I'm not mistaken, I guess at 1-Utama also have 1 shop. Or perhaps, other places. Can't really recall back where I've seen this shop before. Heeehe... 

The food that we ordered. Once again, we can't manage to finished it. Hmmm... It was almost likely like KFC + McDonalds. HAHA. Seriously, chicken and smash potato + French Fries? Kinda looks alike right? HAHA. But those smash potato was much nicer than KFC one. If you haven't tried this before, you should go try.

In Singapore, food were really expensive. We ordered only few sets and it costs us about $SGD50. Wow! It was about RM120 just for fast food. Hmmmm, for those foreigners, just like us-Malaysian of course expensive. The rate was about RM2.37 to changed $SGD 1.

Guessing what is this? Well, it was Jibbitz. It was those extra accessories for CROCS shoes. My friend Yin Yin, ask me to scoop for her as it was cheap- $SGD7.50 per scope. If you buy if separately, it would cost you about $SGD3.95 per piece!

Yea, this was the scope. My friend sent me the website to let me have a look. Well, it was really fake. The website that she sent me show that the scoop was really BIG. But it ended up with this size. LOL -.- So, please don't trust advertisement! Don't believe me? Fine, Here are the truth!

Yea, dumplings. Actually, I don't like dumplings much. But those dumplings in Singapore, I do like- Nyonya flavour. In Malaysia, it do sell too. But just that the taste was kinda different.

P/S: Here are the Singapore Trip 1 photos and stories. Yea, I'm trying to make it really short. And I guess I did it? HAHA. Will upload another part of those photos soon. Stay tune. :)

I'm bored~ Bored~ Bored~
Don't know what to do, assignments haven't out yet..
Ishhh, something wrong with me? Nothing find things to do yea?
Yea, but I still prefer boredom life than busy life.


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