Sunday, August 15, 2010

Music can represent my thinking

Listening to music is one of the thing that I would definitely do daily. Without music, I felt lonely. Sometimes when I'm moody, I don't know who can I express to. The only thing I can do is by listening music. I really felt that music are just like my friends. 'They' just like understand me. (I'm not crazy...>"<)

Think back about that "incident" which happened to me. It really hurts a lot. And I know, I should let it go, but yet, it's hard. I promised myself that I will let it go as soon as possible. My tears poured down from my face when I listen to this song...

*我已经不是你最好的朋友, 是什么让我们生疏了太久,
我生日才过, 你也忘了吧,
时间带走的比想象中还多, 我再也不是你最好的朋友,
有你的感动, 我都记得阿,
为什么那个最好的人, 却只能经过...

Sometimes, things may not goes as what you want. Making decision is hard, especially that's regarding about future. Don't bother about my own personal interest, I have to think about my future. Once I choose the wrong field, then it's time to say BYE BYE to myself. Hmm.....

Sometimes, really feel like wanna give up, but yet, I won't! I believe the mighty of the Lord. Even how tough my pathway is, God will always lead me the way- Now and Forever.

*I've got to move on and be who I am,
I just don't belong here, I hope you understand,
We might find our place in this world someday,
But at least for now,
I gotta go my own way...

One year older by one year. (Or should I say as elder? Older sounds OLD eh. lol...) Which means, there are more and more things to worries about. No more childhood life, where I only need to sleep, eat and play. So good yea? HAHA...xD


Dreaming is good. But not always. Don't dream to success if we did not put any effort in it. Don't dream to become a rich person if you do not know the way to save money. But yet, you can make some wishes, just to let you feel better. At least some hope. Hehe.... Come, let make a wish, so that our dream may come true. :)

*Make a wish
听一听 那心愿

To dream a dream
笑一笑 再许愿
现实有不尽意 都可改变

Hmmm, I miss my college friends so much. We're in the different pathway now. Different class and different course. I really miss all of you so much. I miss you guys more than words can say. I miss those days where we study together.

I miss you like crazy,
Even More than words can say,
I miss you like crazy,
Every minute of every day...

I hope all of you are by my side now. I hope to meet you guys. I hope to study with you all again, doing assignments and having presentation together. Really, I miss those days. :(


Can you guess what am I thinking when I listening to those songs? "They" just know exactly what am I thinking of.

--->Always smile no matter how broken u are :)

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