Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My car on TOW

22/08/2010, 12am.

My car on TOW. What a nightmare we got! Went to Salak South Pasar Malam at Saturday night with my brother and his friends and of course my with my friends too. Had Asam Laksa as our dinner. Then went to HomeTown there for the "Yam Cha" session. Back from there around 11:45pm.

On the way while fetching Tracy back home, my brother accidentally knock on some parking bricks. Before that, I told him "Please becareful, infront there got bricks!" But my clever brother thought I'm joking with this. So, at last, all of us heard the BANG sound together! LOL. >"<~

Well, we thought it was not a serious case. And so, we just keep driving without any look at it. After awhile, I think after around 5 minutes. We felt that our car got some weird smell. Like those "hangus" smell. All of us were curious about it. Lastly, we decided to stop aside after paying the toll.

My goodness. Our car got smoke coming out! Thank god we stop aside, if not, we do not dare to imagine what will happened. And so, waited there to check what's happening. Later on, car dripped those black oil out. Without 10 minutes, the tank left nothing. >"<~

4 of us calling for help. Finding for the solution of it and what to do. Standing beside the roadside in the middle of midnight was really weird. But we do ENJOY it. HAHA... xP

Been wondering what to do, there are 2 ways, the first way is to buy black oil to refill it back. Once finished, buy again. The second way is to called TOW car service. Conclusion is, we choose the second way. RM80 for the tow car services.

Waited the person until 1:15am in the midnight or so called MORNING. Hmmm... Really tired as later on (Sunday), I'm having morning class. Reached home around 1:30am. Finished all those things and slept around 3am. T.T~

Get back my car on that day afternoon (Sunday), RM250 for the repairing part. Total RM330 gone. Anyway, the important thing is all of us are safe. :)

It was a wonderful experience. (Please no next time!) First time hanging beside the roadside in the middle of midnight. The feeling was just so weird. Wanna thanks to honey's brother for calling us and taught us how to solve this and Jin Hong sister for fetching us back home. (She pass by the same toll like us. How lucky are we? If she did not pass by there, who going to fetch us back?) Thank you so much! :)

But so, I still thank god. (You might felt weird why should I thank god in this case.) Not because of this incident happened to us, while it happened when we're NOT alone. Can you imagine that it happened to us alone in the middle of midnight and while our handphone is run out of battery. Hmmm, no comment! [x.x]~

Even how worse the situation is,
GOD always prepared the best solution for us.
Lord, thank you so much!

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