Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outing with girls at Pavillion!


Out with girls! Went to Pavillion yesterday to celebrate my beloved Kutu E-1 birthday. Well, not really celebration, no cake also. (Got heart then Okay la ya... xD)  HAHA. Spend about 4 hours there. Had our lunch and dessert. This time not much photos were taken. Most of it are not humans, but NON-LIVING THINGS. Heee :)

This month gonna be a financial crisis month for me. Money all going out, didn't come it... >"<~ Anyway, we do enjoy our moment there. Although just a few hours hanging around together, but yet, it was FUN. Waiting for the next outing. :)

Little Ben Kafe


Raeshyl Beloved~! ^^

Honey and Darling can eat? Hahahaha...xD

Our food... ^^

Include drinks and fruits!

Chicken Rice~
Happy Birthday Kutu E-1~ :)
Took by Kutu E-1~
The cup is bigger than my face! =="
Bulbs inside the shop!

After finished our lunch, stomach already full. So, we went for a walk at supermarket (Forget what the name called...) so that our stomach can fit in the dessert later. xP
Stabucks bottles shot

Japanese food shot

Stabucks cans shot

Kutu E-1 favourite FROG!

After finished our walk inside the supermarket, it's time for us to find for the dessert shop. It's a SNOWFLAKE shop which sell some SPECIAL kind of dessert. As for me, I called it as WEIRD. I don't know what combination it is. The taste was just so...... Hmmm......


Waiting for the UFO to landing...

The UFO arrived

Taufu Fah + Pearl- Raeshyl ordered this..

Ubi + Yam + Barli + Pearl + Ice- E-1 ordered this...
This combination of the flavour is just WEIRD >"<~

Closer view of it

C U T E~ Hahahahaha..xD

Looking at an ALIEN~




Failed shot!

Finally! Hehehe...xD

I'll end my post with me and Raeshyl :)

Friendship is made in the heart,
Unbreakable by distance..
Unchangeable by time..
OnCe a friend, Always a friend……
 and place into deep heart~~~~

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