Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shabu One

16/08/2010....Went to Shabu One with my friends again. Nice. It's steamboat buffet. My favourite! Having our lunch there. The shop renovated, more varieties of food and drinks now. Student price, around RM21 per person. Cheap, right? Enjoy it so much with them! Waiting for the next round. :)

Attention!!! Your computer might HANG/LAG/EXPLODE due to the large amout of photos we've took. Within 3 hours+, 150+ photos. Gosh. Anyway, I'm not going to upload all of it, but most of it. Enjoy ya! :)


Sauces Stall

Those sauces that you can mix it whatever you want.


Garlic, chili, chili padi...



All seafood.. Yummy..

Seafood.. Delicious..


Wantan, seafood, meat..

Fishballs.. All balls~ xD


My Kutu E-1~


Tomyam and Chicken Soup

I can't live without chili~ xD

Lemon Shot

Gonna eat soon~ Hungry~~

Eating Time.. ^^



Soak it inside the soup

We start playing with the "FLOWER"~

Deer~ lol...

Me: Will you marry me?
E-1: Yes, I will~

Me: Will you marry me?
Rae: No, that "FLOWER" are not fresh enough still~

Raeshyl and E-1~

Starring at each other~

Very YENG~ Hehehe..xD


Varieties of mee

Fu chok, yam...

As though we didn't saw pigeon egg before... >"<~

Yea, normal egg also I didn't see before...o.O"
Hahahahaha.. >"<~

The 2 little cute stick is Spaghetti...

Rabbit.... LOL =.="

Chicken Wings~

Fried Rice

I think it's salad.... >"<~



2 sakai....xD

Dessert and Fruits


8 flavours of ice-cream~

Drinks corner

Photoshot of the stall :)

Later on, after having our 3 hours lunch there, our stomach was almost BURST. HAHA. The next stop we went to Pavillion to took pictures. But we only manage to took a few over there. First is because there's nothing much to take and secondly is because Raeshyl have to rush back home. :)


Decoration Trees. :)

My lovely beloved E-1 and Raeshyl :)

Model of the day. LOL.
Okay, I know I failed laaa... >"<~

Every stories behind me.

That's it, our day ended with our laughter and joy. Even it's just a few hours we hang out, I bet you can't imagine we had how much fun on that day. We laugh, talk, doing those funny action non-stop. I enjoy the day with you guys! :)

A world without a friend, what would it be?
It would be like a world without water, something you need.
Friends are like glass, once broken, they are hard to fix.
Keep your friends, as you would keep your water.

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