Monday, January 9, 2012

Visit at HELP University

It has been 4 years of studying at SEGi College KL. Still the same word come from me, time passes really fast. And I started somehow to miss my college now. I just don't know why I got that feeling. I miss the place where I've used to go to every week, I miss my lecturers, I miss my friends... And yeah, this means that I'm officially done my BABA program. Now just have to wait for me final results to be out. God bless all of us can PASS all the papers. =]

Woke up around 7am+.. Sleepy.. =3=.. Early morning went to college to pass up my final assignments. Rush like H*LL due to I need to attend class at HELP Uni at 12pm. Can you imagine that I just used 15 minutes to go and back from college? Sweating here and there seriously. I guess I drive quite fast too, BUT with safely mode la I think? O___o..

Back to topic, went to HELP University to attend one of the Psychology class today. Hmmm, almost sesat at there. -.- Been ask to take shuttle bus to go over the class. And seriously, the people over there NOT that friendly though. Zzzz.. I've asked more than 7 people around there where is auditorium (the class that I'm going to attend) located at, either the guard or the students, but most of them answer me.....................DON'T KNOW! Zzzzz.. -.-

Bad impression for me huh? But anyhow, HELP wasn't my choice of Uni though if I really plan to continue go for my further studies. Just went there to have a look and attend the class to see whether am I really interested towards this course. The classroom compared with SEGi was quite different. And I don't like HELP classroom. No tables. -.-

In Auditorium...
Around 100 students in the class...

Waiting shuttle bus to fetch me back to the main campus..

Reached home around 4pm. Do nothing and went to sleep from 5pm and woke up around 8pm. LOL. Tired till eyes whole day can't barely open. Zzzzz.. Seriously lack of sleep these few days. And tomorrow I am going out again. LOL. Busy life huh? Yes, I still prefer busy life than doing nothing~

Oh yea, tell you a happy news, I got back my Baby Canon today!! Muahahahahaa!! Finally you're back with me now again.  You left me alone for 1 week+ but I felt like it has been ages. I got a sense that I don't know how to handle you now. LOL. Anyway, I still ♥ you much much. =D

Dear Baby Canon, you're back with me now. 

Another day gone. 
Tired day~

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