Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday present 2012

Been busy for CNY outings for the past few weeks. Less time to online, taken many pictures and all are still here. -.- Most of the pictures are done, but yet I am just way too lazy to upload all of it. -.- LOL.

And as what I've promised. I'll update a closer view of my birthday present. A special and lovely present I get from my friends this year. Hahahaha! Here it goes......

Tadaaa.. My present!

My birthday present for the year of 2012! Hahahaha~
Still not clear huh? 
Okay, a closer view! =P

Tadaaa! My babies! 
Boy boy and girl girl~ Hehe..XD

This is my girl girl..
But unfortunately, she's sick, eyes can't barely open.. =(
Thinking of letting her go.. T^T..

And yeah, this is my boy boy!
Superb active...XD

And this is the conclusion...
Climb up high high and always fall down.. Hahahaha~

Detective Boy Boy! Hahahahaha~

Their paradise.. ^^ 

Banyak pose when sleeping.. LOL.. =]

And yeah, I bought them a new house! Hahahaha~XD

And yeah, I found out that my boy boy got talent! He can walk/crawl backwards! Wahahaha.. And I always trained him to do that.. Cute.. Hahahaha~

Oh yea, record down a short video of my boy boy crawling backwards.. I always play with him like that.. Hahahaha.. 

Isn't it's just so CUTE? ♥ XD

P/S: Thank you for the present! Thanks to my college mates who also bought me a birthday present! And........ It's time to sleep now! Nightss! =D

Thank you for everything! =D

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