Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alien Huang 黄鸿升

As you know, I've been seriously addicted to Rainie Yang. Ehem. Everything is about her, songs, drama, news and blahhh. My brother and my friends also get annoyed by me because I kept mentioning her everytime. Zzzz. Okay la, this post is not about her la! LOL. =]

Forget about that.. Recently I found out Alien Huang song. New song not bad! Even his old songs like 不屑 and 地球上最浪漫的一首歌 I also like it so much. And now, yeah, I kept repeating his songs non-stop. Hmmmm... 

Let me ask you 1 question to see how much you knew me.

Hmmm, what quality do I usually look into when choosing a song? Of course, nice song is NOT the answer please. -.- Everyone love to listen to nice song. I'm NOT the exceptional one also. Choosing song based on the singer? This answer is also not so accurate.

So........... After I've help you to simplify it, do you get it now? Yes or No? Hah! =P

Sharing to all of you about Alien Huang song. Upload 3 songs which I like the most. Enjoy~~ =D

“第一次 永远就停在那时候,
以后 再想念也不能回头...”

“甚至不敢太幸福 只怕会失去你...”

“再铁齿 再逃避现实 都于事无补,
黑字变白纸 让思念消磁不得不...”

Another day gone. Whole day facing Facebook and kept looking at those quotes. ><"~ Make me think so much now. Ishhhh. Gonna off soon. Nights! =]

Today's quote:
It's amazing when two strangers become the best of friends, 
but it's really sad when the best of friends become two strangers.

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