Friday, January 13, 2012

CNY Decoration @ Pavillion

Went to Pavillion to walk today with my family and had brunch over there.

First intention wanna go to Suki-Ya, because we get free vouchers from the previous vouchers we bought. But who knows, we only can claim the voucher with the condition of dining in for the buffet treat. Cheh! Term and condition didn't stated out properly! Your fault! =X

So, we went to Ying Ker Lou for our brunch. First time for me, taste not bad. More towards Hakka food, portion of the food just so-so only. If you are those big eaters, I don't think you're enough for it. LOL. Overall the food taste not bad! Haven't went there before can give it a try! But the price a little bit expensive la. =D

Seafood noodles... RM21++..

Oh yea, not to forgotten about the CNY decoration. Hah! The CNY decoration at Pavillion was great! I can't say it's the best, but it was really a nice one! Welcome to Dragon year~ Hahaha!

Dragon~ Dragon~ Dragon~

Long long dragon~XD

 Upper view from the highest floor..XD

Dragon went into the shop. LOL. =] 

P/S: Working in the next 2 days at edu fair. Hopefully everything goes well. Having dinner tomorrow, oh no... working + dinner at the same day... Gonna rush, rush and rush again. @@"~ God bless... =]

Everyday is a brand new day~ =D

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