Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Human are complicated.

When you grew elder, there are just way too many things you need to think of. It doesn't really matter whether is it a small or big matter, as long as there are worries keep wondering you. Sigh... =]

Sometimes, I am afraid of making decisions, because I scared I make the wrong decision.

Sometimes, I like to hide my feeling from others just because I like people to concern about me. *Yesh, I like being pampered.*

Sometimes, I refuse to admit that I am moody, but in fact I want people to asked me about it. 

Sometimes, I don't feel to pleased people which I don't like. But my attitude always ruined everything. -.-

Sometimes, I don't dare to say out the things I wanted to say because I scared I might say something which hurt others feeling.

Sometimes, I miss the person so much, but I don't dare to admit it.

Sometimes, I hate myself so much because I am stubborn to let go things which I have to let it go.

Sometimes, I seriously prefer to be alone. 

Sometimes, I don't dare to put too much hope on it. I seriously don't like to have hope now. I rather I don't hope for anything.. So that the answer I get won't be disappointing me. =(

Conclusion? Human are always complicated. =/

Time won't wait for us. 
Chase your dream!

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