Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pulau Indah + Port Klang

Yeah, another day which I went out with my family again. =P

Satisfied day, bought 1 pant which I wanted long long time ago! Hahahahaha! Happy!! Happy!! Happy!! =P

Took many pictures since my Baby Canon back to me. Wheeee~

Lazy to write much today, pictures time!! =P

Went to Pulau Indah to buy fish~ 

The smell really horrible. -.-

Pulau Indah view.. =)

These yellow sand make my shoe become yellowish colour. Zzzzz..

Oppps. Dark dark sky.. Raining soon!! =]


Without water~ =]

Later on, went to Bukit Tinggi Jusco to have a walk~ Took some CNY decoration over there. Errr, the decoration was just simple, KL is definitely better. Hah! =]

This is the conclusion when my Baby Camera is with me. =P.. Non-stop taking pictures till no battery. =/.. And yeah, now "feeding him" eating. LOL. Hahahahaha~XD

Nights and sweet dream.. =P

I love my family... =D

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nana kamarul said...

to be honest, i like your pictures. interesting ~